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The 12DailyCoins Investment Plan.

In our “First Thoughts” article about 12DailyCoins, we provided a complete description of the company’s single investment plan.  Here’s the way we described the plan in that article:

Most important to the online investor is the investment plan offered by 12DailyCoins.  Fortunately, unlike those of many HYIPs, it is very easy to understand.  It pays you 12% per day for 12 days (This is where the name of the program comes from, I guess!) and returns your investment as part of your earnings.  Investment limits are from $10 to $100,000.   A quick calculation tells me that this is a very lucrative investment program.  We’ll have more to say about it when we review the program a few days from now.  But, since the 12DailyCoins investment plan is so easy to understand and since the company only offers one plan, I can promise you in advance that the review will be short and sweet.  Please stand by…

Analysis of the 12DailyCoins Investment Plan.

When analyzing an HYIP investment plan, we usually determine two things: the time for it to break even and the average daily net interest (DNI) that you can earn from it.  In case you’ve forgotten, DNI is obtained by dividing the total net interest the plan pays by the number of days in the plan.

It’s very simple to determine the number of days that it takes for an investment plan to break even.  You simply divide 100% by the daily gross interest that the plan pays.  In the case of the 12DailyCoins investment plan, you divide 100% by 12% to get around nine days.

To get the DNI of an investment plan, you first determine the total gross interest that the plan pays.  This is obtained by multiplying the daily gross interest by the number of days in the investment plan.  In the case of 12DailyCoins, you multiply 12%/day by 12 days to get 144%.  Since this total return includes your deposit, you must subtract 100% from it to get your total net interest.  In this case, it is obviously 44%.  Finally, as we indicated above, you get the DNI by dividing this result by the number of days in the investment plan.  So, for the 12DailyCoins investment plan, the DNI is 3.67% (44/12).


There are a number of good things about this investment plan.  First, it breaks even very quickly.  Nine days is not a very long time.  Second, since you are receiving a daily return, the amount of your initial investment that is at risk decreases every day.  And, this decrease is a lot — 12%.  This type of investment plan is far superior (meaning much less risky) to those that withhold all of your earnings until the end of the plan.  Third, the plan is very lucrative.  An average return of 3.67% per day amounts to an average weekly profit of around 25%!  That’s a LOT!  Of course, all of this good news comes with the expected bad news; this is probably a risky program to get involved with.  In HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans with DNIs greater than 2% might have trouble surviving in the long term because of the burden these high interest payments will place on the company’s resources.  However, this said, we must acknowledge that this is our OPINION and we could be very off-base.  Nothing would please us more than if 12DailyCoins turns out to one of those very special HYIPs that continues to pay its investors a dependable passive income for many many months.  A few have done this for years.

Earnings Example.

Let’s do one simple example to show how the investment plan works.  Assume an investment of $100.  With a gross daily interest rate of 12%, your daily return will be $12.  You can see that after nine days, you will have made $108 and will have broken even.  By the end of the 12-day period you will have earned $144, $44 of this being your profit.  So, you can see that it is possible to make a lot of money with this program.  We already observed that your weekly profit is around 25%.  So, if you kept $100 working for you in this program, you would double your money in a month; you would have made $100 net profit.  After that, if you continue to invest $100 with the program, you would be working with your profit and would have nothing to lose.  Of course, this sounds good on paper.  The question is whether or not the program will survive long enough for all this to happen.


12DailyCoins offers a single investment plan.  The plan provides a daily return that is very lucrative and has a short term of only 12 days.  This program is apt to be riskier than the typical HYIP and will most likely attract the adventuresome investor.

I hope that this information is helpful.


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