Winner Gets 2 BTC!

Have you noticed the new “Tab” on the Nexinvex (reviewed here) website called “5 BTC Contest?”  Well, Nexinvex has just begun a very enticing contest whereby the winners can wind up with some very serious money!  How does 2 BTC or 1 BTC sound?  What do you have to do to win?  Build your downline!  On December 23, prizes will be awarded to the ten Nexinvex partners whose referrals have deposited the largest amount of money into their accounts.  The new page on the Nexinvex website explains the rules of the contest and keeps you up to date on who is winning.  Remember there are ten prizes to be awarded.  Right now, the 8th, 9th and 10th place holders’ referrals haven’t deposited hardly anything and these places will each win 0.1 BTC — around $400.  So, what are you waiting for?

Here are the contest rules as given in the Nexinvex website…

5 BTC Contest!

Start date: 03 Dec, 2018 19:00

End date: 23 Dec, 2018 00:00

How it works:

For every deposit you got from a referral you will increase your “Amount Invested” valid for the contest.

The more your referral deposit, the better position you will reach in the contest leaderboard.

There is just 1 simple rule: it’s not allowed to deposit with a different account from same IP, this will lead to account suspension.

At the end of the contest, contest winners will be notified via email.

Prize will be credited in account balance ready for withdrawal or investment in 24h.


First            2 BTC
Second        1 BTC
Third        0.8 BTC
Fourth      0.4 BTC
Fifth          0.3 BTC
Sixth          0.2 BTC
Seventh     0.2 BTC
Eighth        0.1 BTC
Ninth          0.1 BTC
Tenth          0.1 BTC


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