CryptoLux Expanding.

We sometimes miss Facebook posts by programs listed on our monitor.  Here’s one by CryptoLux (reviewed here) that might be of interest.  It talks about receipt of a certificate validating their existence as a legal entity.  Folks always worry about this when investing online.  I haven’t yet seen the certificate they discussed in their post.  But, if this is of interest to you, you might want to try to track it down.  See the post that I’ve reprinted below…

Next steps to worldwide expansion!

The CryptoLux-Team does their best to keep you satisfied and due to a lot of deceiver in this business, we claimed the EV-SSL certificate for to expand even more!

Which prerequisites must be met for the certificate?
The most important part of the process is a comprehensive and standardized identification test that verifies the reliability of CryptoLux.

It is checked:

The registered trade name of CryptoLux
Legal Form
Address- and Contact data
Post Code and Place
Country and Country code
Whois-validation and comparison with company data
Call Validation

With the EV-SSL certificate, we build more trust in our customers and have the ability to expand our business worldwide!

CryptoLux has fulfilled all prerequisites and has officially the EV-SSL certificate now! You can see it in the URL-Box on the left side.


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