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Two Percent per Day! + PerfectMoney payment system added!

WestLand Storage (reviewed here) just announced that they have launched a new investment plan.  Amazingly, this plan will pay TWICE AS MUCH interest as their present investment plan.  Two percent compared to one percent!  WLS claims this increase is due to the implementation of their “Diceland Technology.”

This new investment plan is being called “WestLand Island,” supposedly because it is based on investment in a small island in the Caribbean owned by WLS.  This is all very mysterious to me.  What is the REAL name of this island?  What country is it part of?  Is it the same mysterious island where the forthcoming WLS conference will be held?

All in all, this is a very exciting announcement from WLS.  Although they didn’t say it, the bottom line would appear to be that this new investment plan makes their present plan obsolete as you can earn twice as much with the new one!   Let’s hope that WLS will tell us more about their island paradise in the near future.

Here’s the full announcement from WLS

Meet the New Tariff Plan.  Get 2% Daily Profit!

DiceLand technology continues to evolve and makes it possible to reach new, far-away peaks. The moment has come when we can proudly announce the transition to the next level. We present you a new tariff plan – WestLand Island!

WestLand Island is a new investment program implemented at the regional level with a small amount of real estate involved. Thanks to the full implementation of the DiceLand technology, the profit from real estate increased to 2% per day.

But due to the small amount of real estate, the maximum amount of attracted investments is 14,000,000$. Therefore, if you decide to invest with a new tariff plan, we recommend doing it now.

This tariff plan allows you to receive 2% of daily profits and profits from the affiliate system. All bonuses you have are available: level, special offer and promotional codes are available for use with WestLand Island.

For every dollar invested in this tariff plan, you will receive 1 WLS. By investing 100$ you get 100 WLS to your account, which you will soon be able to exchange on the WestLand Storage exchange. And a little later on other major exchanges. Try it now!

The island on which we implemented this tariff plan is located in the Caribbean Sea.. It is located more than 70 villas on the water and on land. SPA-centers of luxury class and magnificent beaches with azure waters and gardens. Is this not a dream?

And the good news does not end there, because by numerous requests we present you a new payment system – Perfect Money! You can use it now. Try it!


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