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Token Logic (reviewed here) just launched a very serious “Bounty Program!”  HYIP “Bounties,” as you probably know by now, are small rewards that HYIPs provide to investors that promote their programs, typically on social media.  In the case of the new Token Logic bounty program, these rewards aren’t that small.  By promoting the program on YouTube or on your personal blog, you can earn up to .015 BTC (around $100) and by establishing a Token Logic community on a social media platform, you can earn up to .15 BTC (around $1,000).  These promotions do require some work.  However, if you are already active in social media and have a creative touch, they might be easily within your reach — and worth the effort.  These “bounties” far exceed some that I have seen offered by other programs — which are hardly worth the effort.

The following very well-written news release from Token Logic provides further information as well as a link to the Token Logic web page where complete details of their bounty program can be found.

Become a Bounty Hunter with Token Logic

We hope you had a wonderful Halloween and that you didn’t eat too much candy or scare anyone half to death!

Token Logic is cruising wonderfully as we roll through our second week of operation, welcoming more and more visitors by the hour, and our pro investment team is reveling in the opportunity to keep winning big for thousands and thousands of budding ICO investors across the world.

We hope you’re enjoying the experience as much as us! Now, as the festive season fast approaches, we at Token Logic have a little advance present that we would like to share with you…

Token Logic Bounty Program

We have all at one time wished we were Boba Fett – or perhaps the infamous Dog from daytime TV. Being a bounty hunter would be a super cool job yet not one that many of us would ever dare do.

Now with Token Logic you can flex your bounty hunting muscles right from the safety of your sofa!

We really appreciate every bit of support that we receive from our users. In fact, it touches our hearts so much when we see people choosing to publicly share the quality of their Token Logic experience that we have decided to reward that with our Token Logic Bounty Program.

Affiliates, Representatives… And Then Some

You can think of our Bounty Program as a reward system similar to our already-established Affiliates and Representatives Programs, which bring you a 4% and 8% return relative to the deposits made by each of your referrals.

The difference is that opposed to the fixed referral-based income of these programs – our Bounty Program sees you heading out there into the (virtual) wild west to secure your own bounties however you wish.

Secure Your Token Logic Bounties First off – there’s no limit to the number of bounties you can pick up on behalf of Token Logic. We have a whole bunch of them set up – and will continue to adapt and add to them – so that you can get as much as you want out of this initiative.

You can check them out here: https://tokenlogic.co/bounty.

Oh, Such Bountiful Bounties!

Everyone at Token Logic cannot wait to see what you guys come up with. We love the creativity that we have already seen – both before and as a result of this Bounty Program initiative.

There is no more powerful way to bring people together than the word of mouth of the average user – the Token Logic Bounties are just another way that we bring this monumental power into your hands.

Each bounty has a few simple guidelines you should follow for payout to be completed successfully and that is about it – the rest is totally up to you!

Get Investing!

Whether or not you choose to take part in our exciting Bounty Programs, we want you to fully enjoy investing in ICOs with Token Logic. If you haven’t tried it out yet, it could not be simpler!

Until next time – have a great weekend!

Best regards,
The Token Logic Team


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