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CryptoLux (reviewed here) just announced something that I have never heard of before in the world of HYIP investing — a loan to enable you to start earning without any money of your own!

This is true, but it isn’t a long-term loan.  What it boils down to is that CryptoLux will advance you up to $500 that will be deposited into their “Bronze” investment package that pays 1.16% per day.  For a $500 loan, this will come to $5.80 per day.  You will immediately start accruing earnings on this deposit.  However, you can’t touch them until you repay the loan.  And, this must be done within 10 days of the date you make your deposit.  After you repay the loan, you can get access to the earnings that accrued during the time you were investing with the borrowed money.  This isn’t a complete gift.  CryptoLux charges you 0.4% per day as a fee during the time period you are earning money with the borrowed funds.  So, the balance of gross interest that you will receive during this period is 0.76% (1.16 – 0.4).  For example, if you borrow the max of $500, during the maximum 10-day loan period, the total you will receive will be $38 (500 x .0076 x 10).  This won’t make you rich; but, every little bit counts.  Apparently, you can make up to three such loans.  So, if you borrow $1,500 from CryptoLux, you can get a “gift” of $114 (38 x 3 = 114) for doing so.

There appears to be some inconsistency in the statement of the amount of interest that you will earn.  On the account page, CryptoLux (correctly, I believe) reports the earnings that I indicated above — 1.16% per day.  However, in the news release announcing the loan program that I will reprint below, it states that you will receive $7.45 per day which is 1.49% per day (7.45/500 x 100).  Perhaps there is something that I don’t understand here.

In short, the new CryptoLux “Loan” program essentially enables the investor to start earning money up to 10 days before he actually makes a deposit.  It isn’t a lot of money.    But, it isn’t negligible either.  It will be interesting to see how investors will like this idea…

Here is the information on the Loan program as it appears in the news release:

Don’t have money to invest?

It’s now possible to invest without directly depositing your own money!

Every user is now possible to request up to 3 different investment loans each up to $500,00.

The investment loans can be requested in the cabinet in the new menu item “Loan”, after your request our accounting department will check your request and approved your loan.

You will then immediately get daily returns on your loans, you have up to 10 days time to release your loan into an investment package.

We charge a daily fee of 0.4% which will be added to the loan amount.


You request a loan of $500.00, than you will get a daily return of $7,45 credited to your loan daily, the profits will be frozen until you release the loan.

For example you wait 7 days until you release the loan, than you will have a profit of $52.15 which will be credited instantly to your personal wallet and a trading package worth of $500.00 which will keep paying you your daily return of $7.45 until you reach 150% profit.

It has never been so easy to make money!

Here is the information on the Loan program as it appears on your account page:

How does it work?

With a loan we give the opportunity to invest already without directly paying for it.

You can apply for up to 3 loans, which are then audited and approved by our accounting department.

You can apply for loans between $10 and $500. You will then receive the return on your loan every 24 hours.

The profits from your loan will be frozen until you pay the loan back.

If you release the loan, you will get all the frozen profits from the loan paid directly to your wallet and a regular investment package of the loan amount that will continue to credit your daily profits directly to your wallet.

The loan must be repaid within 10 days and costs 0.4% daily in the amount of the loan.

  1. Request an investment loan for up to $500.00
  2. Wait for the approval of the accounting department
  3. Get daily profits on the investment loan
  4. Release the loan and get your frozen returns and a regular investment package

It has never been so easy to make money!


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