CryptoLux (reviewed here) just announced what they refer to as a “Pre-Challenge” promotion.  From October 5 through October 19, CryptoLux will be awarding  significant bonuses and commissions based on deposits made by your downline.  The announcement also notes that you can receive “up to $80,000 bonus payment for reached ranks.”  Actually, this last bonus is nothing new as it always existed for the “Diamond” rank of the CryptoLux investment plan.  What are the requirements to be a member of this rank?  Well, you need to make a personal investment of $20,000 and have personal sales in your downline of at least $1,500,000!  So, the announcement of this last bonus is misleading on two counts: first it is nothing new and, second, it is highly unlikely that anyone will receive it!  In general, and as we noted in our review of the CryptoLux program, their investment plan is unique in that it requires a certain minimum level of deposits in a person’s downline in order to be eligible to advance to higher ranks.  Very few HYIPs have this requirement.  This might be OK for the serious recruiter.  However, it locks out the investor who would like to simply let his investment do the work for him.  Finally, the announcement also indicates that the top ten distributors will receive an expense paid trip to London for an event that will be called the “Sales Challenge.”  Apparently, these Pre-Challenge bonuses are a prelude to this event.  No details appear to be available yet as to what will take place at this the Sales Challenge.

CryptoLux Pre-Challenge

We present you the first CryptoLux Pre First Line Sales Challenge.

5th October until the 19th of October

What can you win:
$50 bonus commission for each $1000 first line sales.
8% commission on all first line sales.
Up to $80,000 bonus payment for reached ranks.

The top 10 distributors will also receive a plane ticket, hotel and rental car for the Leadership in London, where the big CryptoLux Sales Challenge will be presented.

How can I take part:
Create an account at and share your personal links to your team to make sales.
Share this video with the hashtag #clxprechallenge

You have the free choice to take part and earn a lot of money!

CryptoLux Team


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