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In the Discussion and Conclusion sections that follow, I’m not going to repeat what I wrote in the original review as I did in Part 1 of this second review of BitGainex.

We now have very different information to work with when compared to the original review of the BitGainex program.  We really have a new program…

Here is the important information we came up with for the five options discussed in Part 1.

#1.  1.40% per day for 30 days     Break even = 30 days

#2.  1.48% per day for 45 days     Break even = 45 days

#31.93% per day for 90 days     Break even = 52 days
42.03% per day for 180 days     Break even = 50 days
52.13% per day for 360 days     Break even = 47 days

Note that the daily earnings that are indicated above are also the daily net interest (DNI) for each of these options.

There are two major changes from the BitGainex program as it appeared in our original review:

  1. There are two new investment options — 30 day and 45 day.
  2. The interests paid on the three original long-term options (90, 180, and 360 day) has significantly increased (by 0.53%).

My opinion is that these changes were made in an effort to attract investors looking for shorter term investment options and to provide an incentive for investors to put their money into the longer-term options.

Let’s talk about the two shorter term options first.  First of all, the interest they pay is at a sensible level.  It is high enough so that the investor makes a decent profit but low enough so that it doesn’t put the survival of the overall program at risk.  Specifically, for option #1, 1.4% per day comes out to a weekly profit of 9.8%.  In HYIP Insights #23, we suggested that a weekly profit of between 5% and 10% might be a sensible goal to aim for, both from the point of view of profitability as well as from the point of view of survivability of the program.  Option #2 is in the same ballpark.  These two options don’t break even until the end of the plan when your principal is returned.  This is a disadvantage.  But, perhaps it is an unavoidable one for short-term low-interest investment plans.  At least you recover part of your investment on a day by day basis.

As I already indicated, the new higher interest rates will now make the three longer-term options more attractive to the online investor.  In HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans having DNIs greater than 2% might be at risk from the point of view of long-term survivability.  However, these are only our suggestions; they are not rules that are cast in concrete.  Furthermore, the DNIs of the three long-term plans aren’t very much higher that this suggestion.  So, this would appear to be a borderline case.  Of course, these three plans are now quite lucrative.  With DNIs in the neighborhood of 2%, your profit will be in the neighborhood of 15% per week.  Of course, with higher daily interests, these three options break even much sooner than they did before BitGainex made these recent changes to the program.


BitGainex has added two relatively short-term options to their investment program and has increased the interest paid on its existing three long-term options.  These changes will attract investors looking for short-term investment programs and will also serve as an incentive for investors to utilize the existing BitGainex long-term investment options.  The two short-term options pay a satisfactory return while the three long-term options pay quite well — at a rate that we would say is borderline from the point of view of putting the survivability of the overall program at risk.  However, with wise management practices on the part of the program administrators, this might not be a problem.

I hope this information is helpful.


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