First Thoughts on BitBoots.

BitBoots just purchased a “Diamond” listing on our EmilyNews monitor.  They are a relatively new company and have only been online since September 1.  BitBoots is one of three or four activities of a larger company called Grailum Limited.

BitBoots claims to be a cryptocurrency investment company that bases its activities on its automated “BootTrader.”  According to their website,

BootTrader is a highly sophisticated software program developed over the last 2 years of highly skilled programmers on our team.

The program gather continually data from all top known exchangers and use this data to execute pair trading across multiply exchange services on multiply coin pairs.

With use of the vulnerability on today’s many exchangers by cross-compare data gathered, weight trading volume, trendline and possible outcome together with our analyst code (bootTrader) we create our success. Mostly we reach several hundred orders per hour most part automatic executed with limited human interference needed.

BitBoots offers five investment plans.  All of them are what we refer to as “perpetual” plans.  This means that, after you make an investment, you will receive earnings from it forever.  This is like a normal bank account but, of course, the interest that you receive is much much higher.  Here’s what the five investment plans look like:

Level 1
1.1% daily

Level 2
1.3% daily

Level 3
1.6% daily

Level 4
1.9% daily

Level 5
2.2% daily

The BitBoots investment plans are very easy to understand.  Unlike many other HYIPs, there is no struggling to figure out how they work.  Since they are perpetual, they are certainly long-term plans.  Taking a quick look at the investment limits, it appears that only the Level 1 and Level 2 plans might be affordable by the typical online investor, although a few adventuresome folks might opt for the Level 3 program.  It also looks like the plans will provide a satisfactory return that is not so high that the overall program will be at risk of closing prematurely.

We will take a much more detailed look at the BitBoots investment plans when we review the program.  We would hope to publish the review within the next few days.  Please stand by…


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