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The FlashBits Investment Plans.

In our recent First Thoughts article about the FlashBits investment program, we summarized its investment plans in the following way:

FlashBits offers six short to medium-term investment plans.  The shortest is only one day long while the longest is 25 days long.  All of them pay your earnings and return your investment at the conclusion of the investment plan.  The plans are unique in a number of ways that differ from the plan offerings of the typical HYIP.  First of all, the investment limits of the plans are all the same — from $20 to $100,000.  So, an investor is not locked out of a plan because he can’t afford a minimum investment.  Next, each plan has five “sub-plans” that pay different interest rates depending on the size of your investment.  The “advertised” rate for each plan is initially misleading as it refers to the highest investment range.  However, as soon as you hover over a specific plan with your mouse, the interest rates for all the sub-plans appear.  These rates are gross rates that include your investment.  So, a 105% rate means that you will receive a profit of 5% at the end of the investment period in addition to your investment.  In general, the investment plans are very clearly presented and appear to be well-thought-out.  This differs from many HYIPs where the investor has to struggle to understand what’s going on.

So, we have six main investment plans that each contain five “sub-plans.”  That comes to a total of 30 investment plans.  Remember that the six groups of plans correspond to the length of the main investment plan term.  These are 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, and 25 days.  Thirty investment plans is a lot.  Let’s see if we can cut this number down a little…

If you look at the drop-down menu that appears for the sub-plans, you will find that the investment limits are the same for all six of the main investment plans.  Here are the limits:


I’m going to assume that most online investors will keep their deposit under $5,000.  So, we’ll forget about the last two categories of plans in the drop-down menus.  In fact, we always recommend that online investors NOT make large deposits with ANY online investment program.  The exception might be the program that can provide verifiable proof of its existence and of its past performance as a source of earnings for the investor.  Such programs are very few and far between.

So, we have eighteen investment plans left to think about.  That’s still quite a lot!  Here they are:

1 Day
20$-500$.  102.5%
501$-1000$.  103%
1001$-5000$.  105%

3 Days
20$-500$.  109%
501$-1000$.  111%
1001$-5000$.  120%

5 Days
20$-500$.  120%
501$-1000$.  125%
1001$-5000$.  150%

7 Days
20$-500$.  135%
501$-1000$.  145%
1001$-5000$.  180%

10 Days
20$-500$.  150%
501$-1000$.  170%
1001$-5000$.  230%

25 Days
20$-500$.  340%
501$-1000$.  385%
1001$-5000$.  520%

Remember, all these plans return all of your earnings PLUS your investment at the end of the investment plan.

Furthermore, the percents in the foregoing tables are gross interest.  To get net interest (profit), you must subtract 100% from them.  For example, the very first entry for the 1 Day plan shows a return of 102.5%.  The profit for this plan would be 100% less than this or 2.5%.

Analysis of the FlashBits Investment Plans.

Let’s do all the sub plans in one of the groups of plans so that you see the approach.  Then, I’ll just write down the results for the whole works.

When we analyze investment plans, we typically determine two quantities: break even point and daily net interest.  Sometimes this information isn’t at all obvious from what is given.

In the case of the FlashBits investment plans, since your earnings aren’t returned to you until the end of the plans, this is when you break even.  Using the 5 Day group of plans as our example, they will all break even in five days.  Simple.

The determination of daily net interest (profit) is also simple.  This is what we refer to as DNI in the articles that appear in the EmilyNews blog.  It is simply the total net interest of an investment plan averaged out over the length of the plan.

Referring to what we know about the 5 Day group of plans, subtracting 100% from the given total gross interests, we get the following values for total net interest:

Gross               Net
$20 – $500                   120%               20%
$501 – $1,000              125%               25%
$1,001 – $5,000           150%               50%

To get the daily net interest, we divide the total net interest by the number of days in the plan which, in this case, is five.  Thus, we have the following values for DNI:

$20 – $500                   4%
$501 – $1,000              5%
$1,001 – $5,000           10%

Here are the results for DNI for all the FlashBits investment plans (that we are considering):

1 Day
$20 – $500                   2.5%
$501 – $1,000              3%
$1,001 – $5,000           5%

3 Day
$20 – $500                   3%
$501 – $1,000              3.67%
$1,001 – $5,000            6.67%

5 Day
$20 – $500                   4%
$501 – $1,000              5%
$1,001 – $5,000            10%

7 Day
$20 – $500                   5%
$501 – $1,000              6.43%
$1,001 – $5,000            11.43%

10 Day
$20 – $500                   5%
$501 – $1,000              7%
$1,001 – $5,000            13%

25 Day
$20 – $500                   9.6%
$501 – $1,000              11.4%
$1,001 – $5,000            16.8%

OK, now we have the essential information required in order to be able to talk intelligently about the pros and cons of the FlashBits investment program.  We will discuss this information and draw some conclusions about the program in Part 2 of the review which we should be able to publish in the next day or two.  Please stand by…


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