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Splitt (reviewed here) has a curious news item published on their website dated August 25.  It describes progress that the company made during its first two months online.  The curious thing is that we published our News Commentary #499 on August 15 (a week or so ago) in response to receiving an update from Splitt enumerating milestones they have made — also during their first two months online.  Has Splitt forgotten this or have they forgotten their start-up date?  Whatever the case, I compared the two news items and there is enough new news in the most recent one such that I think it merits our publishing it as another News Commentary.  This present release only lists news from the last 30 days or so whereas the previous one goes all the way back to Splitt start-up.

Here’s the latest:

Splitt Celebrates 2nd Monthsary

Time sure flies fast when you’re having fun and even faster when investors are earning tons.

For those who had trusted us since Day One, they are surely enjoying now the fruits of their trust to and we aim to strengthen this bond as we surpassed the 2nd Month of prosperous business onward to exciting times ahead.

2nd Month at a Glance:

24 July 2018 – Goodbye to Bitcoin Withdrawal Fees.

31 July 2018 – 3 Major Winners and 5 Minor Winners for Features Promotion

01 August 2018 – New Status Page at

02 August 2018 – Launched of Splitt Android App

03 August 2018 – Accepting Perfect Money and Advance Cash to BTC via

04 August 2018 – Launched Splitt Thai Group Chat

10 August 2018 – Point System Kick-Off (Payment Proof and Videos)

11 August 2018 – Availability of Bot Languages (?? русский, ?? Português, ?? Deutsch, ?? Español, ?? 한국어 [韓國語], ?? Bahasa Indonesia, ?? tiếng việt (㗂越), ?? français, ?? Malay) and 1800 EN Telegram Members

19 August 2018 – Adding languages ?? Indonesian, ?? Japanese, ?? Malaysian, ?? Thai and refreshing languages ?? Korean, ?? Polish at while including ?? Polish Telegram Group ( splittchat_pl) to join the wide array of Telegram Groups under ?? English [FLAGSHIP].

20 August 2018 – No. 1 in User Ratings with 4.5 Star-Rating.

23 August 2018 – Established 3 Site Features namely Splitt Points Redemption, New Splitt Landing Page and Improvised Payment Proof Section.

As EN Flagship Telegram Members grew to 5 times its original size to be at more than 5,000 to-date and with investors doubling in numbers going beyond 20,000, can only extend its heartfelt thanks for the continued loyalty and support.

Rest assured that will cook up more rewarding recipes to make our financial relationship as delectable as ever and make you want to come back then stay for more.

Stick around for more fun, prizes and surprises await you at

This you can be sure – aims to provide the most rewarding adventure!

Stay tuned as Splitt Team continues its mission to make Financial Freedom not only a dream – but a Reality!


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