This is  SCAM project already! Do not invest there anymore!

Today we are very fortunate to have interview comments from the Admin of Soft-Mining. Readers of Emily News will recall that we did a review of Soft-Mining a week or so ago. You can read the review here. But, to briefly summarize, one of the unique features of the Soft-Mining investment plans is that they are “perpetual,” meaning that your investment is not returned to you after a certain amount of time but rather continues to earn for you for the life of the company. This is somewhat like buying stock in a company where you continue to earn dividends as long as the company survives. It is a very long-sighted point of view that, personally, I like. Going along with this, the interest rates that Soft-Mining pays are quite modest, being 0.95% for investments between $10 and $500, 1.05% for investments between $501 and $1,500, and 1.25% for investments of 1,501 and larger. As you will see from the interview, this modest output for a HYIP appears to be a part of the goal of Soft-Mining to keep operating costs down in order to improve the chances of the program for long term survivability.

In order to conduct this interview, we sent a list of 12 questions to the Admin of Soft-Mining and asked him to respond to each of them. He, kindly, did this and, as you will see, in a few cases, gave a single response that covered two or more questions in one shot. I have tried not to edit his responses and I ask our readers to be a little patient as I suspect that English is not the first language for the Admin of Soft-Mining. Following is the interview:


1. Hello Admin. Can you please introduce yourself to the readers of Emily News? What is your role in the Soft-Mining project? Can you tell us how many other professional staff members are involved with the Soft-Mining project and what their roles are?

Hi Emily, I’m the Admin of Soft-Mining. Our team have many departments, such as marketing, design, PR, finance, IT, and security.

2. Where is your company physically located? Do all your operations take place at this location? Is it possible for an investor to visit your office?

Our Company is registered in England,

link –

As we are operating our business internationally, taking nature and the geographical limitations we don’t really need to stay in one particular place.
For example, China has cheapest electricity and land. No need to mention labor is very cheap. More than 70% of BTC is mined from China.
Due to the security reason, visitors are not allow to visit our mining site.

3. Since we have no background in cloud mining, we had some trouble writing a review of your program. Can you try to explain this process of mining cryptocurrencies and compare it with the conventional mining procedure? We would be grateful if you could do this in non-technical terms. We realize this is a big question. But, we would be grateful if you would give it a try.

Indeed, it is a big question, I’ll make it simple.
To answer your question, I’ll answer it into TWO parts,
cryptocurrencies mining and cloud mining.
The simplest description, “Mining” is a term of manage the ledger of cryptocurrencies. Any party whom complete the ledger first and correctly will get reward with the transaction fee of that particular ledger.
For example, currently the reward of BTC is 12BTC around every 10 minutes. Transaction fee is around 0.0010 per record. One ledger contents around 2250 records. To sum up, around 14 BTC every 10 minutes. Similar theory applies to other cryptocurrencies.

Now, how does cloud mining working? It is relatively simpler to explain.
Since everything is digitalized nowadays. Even Banking is online, now.
We just need to plug-in our machine to this “Banking” system, and it became online.
Thus cloud-mining in your perspective but not so much different from us, we still own those machines, we still need to maintain theirs condition locally. In other words, if you don’t own the equipment, it is “cloud” for you.

4. In our review of the Soft-Mining program, we indicated that we liked the idea of a perpetual program as well as the relatively low interest rates that you pay investors. We think that these factors will help make Soft-Mining a good long term investment for our readers. Is there anything else you would like to add about the logic behind your investment plans? Perhaps you would like to comment on why you chose the interest rates you are using.

5. Related to this, have you taken any special measures to insure that your program will be among the very few that survive for a long long time?

6. Many people that join a HYIP do so because they plan to recruit more members and earn referral commissions. You presently pay a person 5% of the deposits made by people he refers. Do you have any plans to increase this amount? Do you have any plans to offer referral commissions on investments in a person’s second or third levels of his downline?

I’ll answer your questions 4-6 in here all in once.
As you asking how do we survive for a longtime? We notice many HYIPs are dragged by theirs ref program. It creates huge burden to finance. Many people take advantage on this program. To avoid that we decide to have only one level with 5%. In this way, promoters still have their cuts, and NO bonus from second and third level’s bonus since those investors aren’t “directly” promoted by them.
As per insure operation for long term. Giving we are dealing with cryptocurrencies, we have an edge on trading in both physical and digital market. With investors’ investment we can leverage our revenue to cover daily operational overhead and return most profit back to our investors.
Therefore, the low interest rate give us margin NOT to be greedy while trading and you can say it is one of risk control.

7. At present, the only support that you offer appears to be a contact form. Around how long does it usually take you to respond to a request for information? What languages can you handle now? Live chat is extremely helpful as a person can get instant help. Do you have any plans to add a live chat feature in the near future?

Yes we understand the live chat is useful, however, it will require another recourse to provide this service. Meaning, we need to train and let someone stand by 24/7 and have tech stand by also to support any help. It is still under our discussion when to provide this service.
With current mail system, we can have better and UNINTERRUPTED tech support.
With-in 24 hours your problems will be solved and if not, you will heard from us for more required information.

8. What payment processors do you presently use? Do you have plans to add any additional ones?

We already have BTC, Perfect Money, Payeer, and AdvCash. It pretty much cover everything.

9. Can you explain how you handle withdrawal requests? Are they handled manually or automatically? How long does it take to process a request? Do you process withdrawal requests on weekends? Do you anticipate situations where there might be long delays in processing withdrawal requests?

We give options of AUTO and manual withdrawal to our investors.
If they want to manual withdrawal whenever they want, the payment will be made INSTANT.
However, someone will get pending if system find abnormal activity in their account.
In this case we will investigate the situation if the account is hacked or not.
Many people don’t even know their devise is already compromised.

10. Can you tell us about security measures you have taken to protect your website from hackers and other threats?

As from above, we check accounts activity to reduce the un-wanted lost from hacking. Further we CLOSE the option for investor to change payment address. If anyone wish they need to send us request via reg email.
Meanwhile, we use cold wallet in an air gap computer to prevent hacking.
It is the fail save if someone breached our firewall and passwords.
But it is unlikely to happen. The equipment we use to operate the site is dedicated for this purpose only. We format the disk and reinstall whole system on daily base.
By now you can see we treat this HACKING very seriously.

11. What does the future look like to you for Soft-Mining? Do you have specific growth goals? How about special advertising programs?

We see us the best and most popular platform in near future.
Please forgive me for CANNOT share our classify goals and programs. But you will see them soon.

12. Finally, is there anything else that you would like to add? Please feel free to add comments or clarification on anything that we might have said in our review of Soft-Mining.

Feel free to ask if there is anything we can help.


We would like to thank the Admin of Soft-Mining for taking the time to respond to these questions. I am sure that his comments will be helpful to the readers of Emily News. It appears that Soft-Mining is doing well and we give the company our best wishes for continued success in the future.

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