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The Blue Spot Investment Programs.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about Blue Spot, we summarized their four investment plans as follows:

Blue Spot offers four investment plans.  They are set up in a manner that is typical of many other HYIPs.  They all pay interest daily and return your investment as part of your earnings.  Two of the plans run for 20 days and two run for 30 days.  Interests that are paid are quite high.  Likewise, the minimum investments required for all but the lowest interest plan are also quite high.  These high minimums are 0.5 BTC, 2 BTC and 5 BTC.  These minimums will discourage investment in the higher interest plans which might actually improve the longevity of the overall program.  A good effect!

Here’s the information on the investment plans as it appears on the Blue Spot website:

8% daily for 20 days
0.001 – 0.5 BTC

10% daily for 20 days
0.5001 – 2 BTC

12% daily for 30 days
2.001 – 5 BTC

14% daily for 30 days
5.001 – 200 BTC

Analysis of the Blue Spot Investment Plans.

There are two important additional pieces of information we need to know before we can sensibly discuss the pros and cons of the Blue Spot investment plans: their time to break even and the average daily net interest paid by each of them.

The breakeven point is very easy to calculate.  You simple divide 100% by the percent of your investment that you recover on a daily basis.  For example, with the Beginner Plan, you divide 100% by 8% to get that the plan breaks even in around 13 days.  If you do the same arithmetic for the other three plans, you come up with the following results:

Beginner.  13 days
Advanced.  10 days
Professional.  9 days
Expert.  8 days

As far as average daily net interest (DNI) is concerned, let’s first be sure that we know exactly what the term means.  “Net,” of course, means “profit.”  So, we are talking about the total profit that an investment plan pays you averaged out over the number of days in the plan.  Therefore, if one investment plan has a DNI of 3% and another has a DNI of 1%, the 3% plan is clearly the more profitable one.  The flip side of the coin is that the 3% plan might strain the resources of the overall investment program and make it less likely to survive in the long term.

With that as an introduction, let’s calculate the DNI of the Beginner Plan.  Since it pays 8% gross interest per day, the total gross interest for the 20-day plan will be 160% (20 x 8).  To get the total net interest, you must subtract 100% from this (because it includes your investment) to get 60%.  Finally, dividing this by the 20-day length of the plan, you get a daily net interest (DNI) of 3%.  Doing the same arithmetic for the other three investment plans, you get:

Beginner.  DNI = 3%
Advanced.  DNI = 5%
Professional.  DNI = 8.7%
Expert.  DNI = 10.7%


Let’s begin by repeating something that we said in our First Thoughts article.  This is that the minimum investments for the three highest interest investment plans will probably be out of reach of most online investors.  Even the second plan, the Advanced Plan, with a minimum investment of 0.5 BTC will be out of reach of most folks.  One BTC is now worth around $6,400.  So, 0.5 BTC comes to around $3,200.  Few, if any, online investors will put this much money into an online investment plan.  Converting to dollars, the third plan, the Professional Plan, has a minimum investmet of around $12,800 and the fourth plan, the Expert Plan, has a minimum of around $32,000.  These are probably off-the-chart.  We always advise our readers NOT to put this kind of money into ANY online investment program unless it can provide verifiable proof of its existence and a public record of its past performance.  I doubt if any can do this.  The bottom line is that probably that almost all activity in the Blue Spot investment program will be confined to the Beginner investment plan that has a minimum investment of only 0.001 BTC which is between $6 and $7 right now.

All of this is actually GOOD for the overall investment program as it would probably be difficult or impossible for it to sustain interest payments at the rates required for the three higher interest plans.  In HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans with DNIs higher than even 2% might have trouble surviving in the long term.  So, even the first investment plan, where the bulk of investment activity will be taking place, is somewhat high.  However, 3% is not off-the-chart and we would hope that, with wise management practices, the administrators of this program might be able to make it a long-term survivor.

On the positive side, we must note that this is a very profitable program.  Let’s only talk about the Beginner investment plan right now as it will be the most popular one.  This one pays the LOWEST interest and is still very profitable.  As I have indicated in many previous reviews, I find it clearer to think in terms of weekly profit rather than daily.  For a DNI of 3%, multiplying this by seven, you get an average weekly profit of 21%.  In my book, that is phenomenal.  On top of this, the high daily gross interest enables you to break even in only 13 days — around two weeks.  Since you are decreasing your risk by 8% per day, this program is attractive from that point of view as well.  In this plan, all your earnings from day 14 through day 20 are pure profit.

In general, HYIPs offering high interest investment plans such as this are risky because the cards are stacked against them in-so-far-as survivability is concerned.  However, they are extremely profitable with the additional strong points of fast breakeven points and a quickly decreasing balance of your investment that is at risk.


Blue Spot offers four investment plans.  However, because of high minimum investment requirements, only the first lowest interest plan will be within reach of most online investors.  But, even this first plan is very profitable.  It’s investment balance decreases very quickly along with a short breakeven point.  However, the high interest that is paid makes this a risky program to invest in as the probability is that it won’t be a long-term survivor.  We can only hope that, with wise management strategies, the administrators of the program have things worked out such that this will not be the case.


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