A Humorous Interview.

We recently received an unusual email from Splitt (reviewed here).  It contained an interview of a Splitt administrator by an unnamed Polish investment adviser.  The interview is a nice blend of humor and content.  I think you will enjoy reading it.  So, I am including it below.

To get a deeper insight into Splitt, read this interview we gave to a major Polish investment adviser!

First of all, it’s hard not to mention all the cool and somewhat eccentric entries that appear on your website—starting with the domain name. Where does it come from? We have been splitting hairs on this one!

 Answer: We have splitting hairs on this one as well so we thought “Why not Splitt?” Sounded unique and cool anyway so might as well give it a shot.

We have really enjoyed reading about your CEO and CTO who somehow seem perfect for each other, academically speaking and business-wise. How did they meet? Could you tell us more about their cooperation?

 Answer: They chanced upon each other, as Destiny would have done it so, as a result foreign education and by experience – they improvised the remarkable mining technology by offering the highest level of financial security while helping companies and end-customers (expert and novice alike) with a user-friendly application to make earning money ultimately stress-free.

If you were to ask Mr. Nguyen what were the most important lessons learned from Google, IBM or Facebook, what do you think he’d answer, judging from the way Splitt is run? 

 Answer: Google is now considered the greatest online library and this has captivated the interest of Mr. Nguyen in the field of  crypto-mining which is now the strongest business foundation of Splitt.co. 

Speaking of your “Our team” section—could you, please, explain the extremely disturbing bear in the picture? 

 Answer: We considered the Bear to be one of the most strongest and fiercest animals. It may be disturbing to visitors but to us, it is a beacon of strength

China, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, Sweden… Splitt seems to be everywhere. Which country do you actually call your home at the moment?

 Answer: China is definitely where the heart of Mr. Nguyen lies as this is his Mother Land where fantasies were created and eventually became a reality.

What made you decide on London as your headquarters?

Answer: No matter what other people say, London will always be the leader when it comes to business locations. When people think of London – they will always know that only serious business people are there.

Is your team as diverse as your geographical locations and business transactions suggest?

Answer: Of course. We aim to find the rarest gems from all over the world.

We couldn’t help but notice that you have a very unusual approach towards our favorite FAQ section, and it even seems to be run independently. How many copywriters and support people does it take to create such a thorough FAQ page?

 Answer: Frankly, we have 3 people for our think-tank group. Once they are done with their ideas then we brainstorm with the Management Group for final scrutiny and delivery.

You are obviously growing as a company, and you are looking for new employees. What would you say is the biggest challenge, hiring-wise, in today’s globalized world?

 Answer: As we have a Careers page, you wouldn’t imagine how many people from all over the world are bombarding us with appeals for work. The biggest challenge is being able to spot the diamond among common stones. Being able to find these unique and talented people is a rewarding process for all of us at Splitt.

Are you considering having your website translated adequately into, e.g., Polish or Spanish? We can tell that it was done automatically and not everything was translated. Are there any plans to improve the translation?

 Answer: While the website is the first place that investors are looking into prior to joining, we felt that improvisation of languages for Splitt Official Bot should be our top priority. That is why we made available 🇷🇺 русский, 🇧🇷 Português, 🇩🇪 Deutsch, 🇪🇸 Español, 🇰🇷한국어 [韓國語], 🇮🇩 Bahasa Indonesia, 🇻🇳 tiếng việt (㗂越), 🇫🇷 français and 🇲🇾 Malay for now while 🇵🇭 Filipino and 🇹🇭Thailand are still being worked on.

Since we are talking about the website, could you explain why your SSL COMODO certificate is valid just until November 2018?

 Answer: We are simply maximizing this aspect until the end of the contract and currently on the look-out of better replacement.

Security seems to be of utmost importance to you: the phishing warnings, the captcha… Have you had any bad experiences in the past or is it merely smart precaution?

 Answer: Cyber crime are so rampant these days and yet the old adage “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” remained strongly to this very age and day so why not adapt a preventive measure than risking trouble in the near future.

At the moment, there are three plans to choose from and three different payout policies: a 1-hour policy, a 12-hour one, and a daily one. Where does this differentiation come from?

 Answer: As our Business Name “Splitt” implies – we had thought that these 3 pay-out policies are the best there is so might as well give a variety of choices to our investors as per their liking.

Which plan is the most popular? Do you find some plans popular in specific locations, for instance?

 Answer: Dynamic Cloud Mining is the ultimate favorite of the masses as it allows people to make their small finances into bigger ones while Bare Metal Simplified and ASIC Mining are for the business minded people who considers earning generation as a serious aspect.

How do you assess the so-called popular knowledge of cryptocurrency? Although your program is for beginners and advanced miners, if I were a real beginner, I would be lost as not much can be learned about the specifics. Is it your experience that people just generally know what your program is about?

 Answer: Splitt anticipated that there will be more newbies in the field of cryptocurrecy that is why we provided an internal exchange for cryptos as an aid for them. Rest assured that we are looking for more ways to make cryptocurrencies a common knowledge for all.

In your news section, you have mentioned a couple of “bumps on the road.” What do you consider your greatest obstacles so far?

 Answer: Hacking remains the greatest threat to any online businesses but we are lucky that with the vast knowledge of CEO in the field of hack prevention, Splitt.co remained safe and secure for our investors across the globe.

How far along is your Bounty program? Are there any free spots left on the Bounty train?

 Answer: Only less than a hundred left so investors must move quickly as offer remains good until supply last.

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