Website Seized.

If you open the CryptoArb (reviewed here) website, you will see the following message posted by the US government:

“This domain name has been seized by ICE-Homeland Security Investigations, Special Agent in Charge, New York Office, in accordance with a seizure warrant obtained by the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York… The materials in this website are not in compliance with applicable law in the USA.  It is unlawful to distribute materials posted on the website. Servers were under the jurisdiction of the USA.”

So, as things stand right now, and unfortunately, if you have invested with CryptoArb, your investment is frozen — and there is no way to know the reason why the website was seized.  It looks like the folks at CryptoArb don’t know what is happening either.  They just sent an email (to all their investors, I believe) that explains their surprise at this.  They also indicate that representatives of the company will be traveling to the USA in an effort to get clarification and, hopefully, to resolve the situation. Here’s the email.

Dear partners,

An hour ago, US services such as SECURITIES COMMISSIONER STATE OF COLORADO and several other American organizations took over Sybrelabs LTD servers located in the USA and blocked the all Sybrelabs LTD company funds on the american crypto exchange

Sybrelabs LTD has been deprived of any intervention and explanation.

Tomorrow, Harry Mark and Andreas Zielinski are leaving for the US to explain the matter as soon as possible.

For some time, there will be no other way to contact us than email

VIP clients and promissory note owners are requested to terminate the contract with us. After recovering funds from the coinbase, we will return them to you.

In the attached message we give one of several letters we received from the last 24 hours from US financial departments and FBI.

Sybrelabs LTD regards this as an unjustified attack on the good of the company.

We are very sorry for the situation, but the suspension is completely independent of Sybrelabs LTD.

We will inform you about all the updates in the matter.

Be strong with us in this difficult situation.

Harry Mark
Sybrelabs LTD

Let’s hope that this situation can be resolved soon.  The USA is very strict when it comes to HYIPs and any online investment program that might possibly look like a Ponzi scheme.  This is probably the reason that HYIPs are rarely based in that country.


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