Splitt has added PM and AdvCash.

A few days ago, Splitt (reviewed here) posted an update on their website describing progress they have made in a number of areas.  There isn’t much I can add to it.  So, I will simply reprint the update here in case you missed it.

Splitt Now Accepts Perfect Money and Advance Cash

Wanted to join Splitt but you only have Perfect Money and Advance Cash?

Then worry no more as Splitt now has the capacity to use the conversion facility of Changer.com to handle the exchange for you for a hassle-free acquirement and growth of BTC in its preparation of its potential upcoming rise

Highly note that since Changer.com is a third-party partner, Splitt will not be held liable for any of their services.

Please clear your cache or press CTRL+F5 in browser to see the new payment methods.

Nevertheless, withdrawals can still be done only through BTC and over 60 available coins.

Stay tuned as Splitt Team continues its mission to reach out to more people and make Financial Freedom not only a dream – but a Reality for everybody!

A complete list of our current Community Groups is detailed herein for your convenience and ready reference:

🇺🇸 English [FLAGSHIP] https://t.me/splittchat_en

🇷🇺 Русский язык – https://t.me/splittchat_ru
🇧🇷 Português – https://t.me/splittchat_br
🇩🇪 Deutsch – https://t.me/splittchat_de
🇵🇭 Filipino – https://t.me/splittchat_ph
🇪🇸 Español – https://t.me/splittchat_esp
🇨🇳 China – https://t.me/splittchat_cn
🇰🇷 Korea – https://t.me/splittchat_ko
🇮🇳 India – https://t.me/splittchat_in
🇮🇩 Indonesia – https://t.me/splittchat_id
🇻🇳 Vietnam – https://t.me/splittchat_vn

Splitt Community Chat [EN]
Earn up to 4.7% per day!

Deposit/Deploy Tutorial


Support: support@splitt.co


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