A Great News Release Gets Repeated!

Over a month ago, CryptoLux (reviewed here) published a new release that was both informative as well as a little bit entertaining.  From it I learned what was meant by the “Hodl” investment strategy in cryptocurrency trading!  Well, just a day or two ago, CryptoLux published exactly the same news release again!  In the case of this release, since the article is more conceptual rather than commentary on recent news, the information is essentially timeless — much like we feel the articles in our HYIP Insights series are.  So, I have no complaints about this repetition of the same news release.

We wrote News Commentary #465 in response to this release the first time that Cryptolux published it.  I suspect that most followers of EmilyNews have forgotten about both the release and our News Commentary.  So, I am going to repeat both of them here.  I think that you will enjoy the rewrite…

Do You Know What “HODL” is?

When I first read this news release a few days ago, I had never seen the word “HODL” before.  I actually thought that CryptoLux (reviewed here) had a very serious spelling problem and was planning to write a news article teasing them about it!  However, just to be certain that I wouldn’t say something that I would regret, I decided to do a little bit of research first.  And, I learned something very interesting.  The story goes that in 2013 some drunken guy was talking to a fellow investor about what he should do with his Bitcoin.  I think that, at that time, the coin was going through one of its many periods of radical swings in value.  To make a long story short the drunken guy said that, since he really didn’t know anything about cryptocurrency trading, he would simply “Hodl” on to his Bitcoin and let nature take its course.  Anyway, somehow that crazy word stuck in the Bitcoin industry.  So, instead of me writing about how CryptoLux doesn’t know how to spell, I would like to share this new addition to my vocabulary that the company taught me! Of course, Hodl means hold.  And, as far as I know, the word is only used in the world of Bitcoin.

The CryptoLux news release follows.  It is essentially a recap of the features of the CryptoLux investment plan.  I thought it was nicely done.  In fact, it is one of the few HYIP news articles that made me smile a little.  We can all use more of that…

HODL – That’s your Strategy?

Dear CryptoLux members, 

Downtrends FUD , permanent losses bad mood in the whole crypto market and your solution is to HODL , really?

You own Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash or many other crypto currencies and make high losses due to price fluctuations?

That’s exactly why we invented the trading system at CryptoLux!

Regardless of the market situation, you always get 1.16% – 1.49% daily return until your package reaches 150%.

In other words, regardless of how the market moves, you always make at least 50% profit. If you invest in a trading package 1 BTC , for example, you will receive 1.5 BTC at the end of the package.

If the price per BTC has risen by 100% during the term of the package, you have tripled your capital within a very short time so you earn triple or more when market goes up! And also, when the market goes down, if you had invested in a trading package with us at the price of around 3 months ago today, even though the Bitcoin has fallen more than 30%, you would still be with 20% in profit!

HODL is okay.

HODL is something for people who have no other possibilities!

But you have! – CryptoLux Trading Package.


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