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Today, we are very happy to have be able to present an interview with the Admin of BitSmyne (reviewed here) to the readers of EmilyNews.  Interviews such as this are the Admin’s opportunity to provide additional information about his program and/or to clarify information in his website that might have confused some readers.  So, again, we are grateful to the Admin of BitSmyne for taking the time to answer our questions and hope that his responses will be helpful to you.

And, now to our interview…

Hello Admin. Can you please introduce yourself to the readers of EmilyNews and perhaps tell us a little about your background?

I am Eric T. I have involved in computer security and blockchain for more than 20 years. Many years back I evaluated the direction of financial technology (fintech) and researched few models of financial value multiplications. With extension and partnership with open group of professional members, today, we have created our own solutions to achieve this for public investors.

What is your role in BitSmyne? Can you tell us how many other professional staff members are involved with the company and what their roles are?

At Bitsmyne, we work with each other strength with different blockchain skills for a solution to multiply funds invested. We have currently an open group of around 50 professionals contributing into the solutions in different ways but towards same goal.

This might be hard to do, but could you in a paragraph or two describe how BitSmyne generates its revenue?  We had a bit of trouble getting a clear picture of this from information on your website.

We research and develop revenue generation with automated risk monitoring system. This include the blockchain ecosystem, mining, trading and exchange of cyptocurremcies. Investment funds are funded into the system to generated daily returns at lowest risk.

We notice that you offer only “perpetual” investment plans.  In our way of thinking, these are similar to a conventional bank account.  Of course, the interest rates that you offer are much higher.  Would you care to tell us why you chose this type of investment plan?

It is perpetual as this model is allowing stable growth of all funds and risk-free to all investors. This also enable us to provide monthly performance bonus to all as well. Review on the rate upgrade from time to time is all made possible with this model.

Do you feel that there is a danger to you in offering this type of perpetual investment plan?  The danger that we see is that you never get relief from making interest payments such as you would with investment plans with a finite term.

No. In fact we feel it is more stable to all investors with lowest risk.

Your interest rates are relatively low.  Is this an effort by you to improve the longevity of the program?  

We designed our program to achieve a balance between returns and risk. Longevity of the returns is one of the factors we are offering to our investors.

Can you explain how you handle withdrawal requests? Are they handled manually or automatically? How long does it take to process a request? Do you process withdrawal requests on weekends? Do you anticipate situations where there might be long delays in processing withdrawal requests?

Our system is automated. This will include both deposits and withdrawals. It means instantly. However, the performance may affected by the external payment processor which is out of our control. At our end, all deposits and withdrawal are processed automatically upon receiving the request.

Can you tell us about security measures you have taken to protect your website from hackers and other threats?

Our system are protected by industry leader in web security. It is PCIDSS certified security to ensure highest strength of web and data security to maintain our stable investment platform. We have no downtime since operating till date.

What does the future look like to you for BitSmyne? Do you have specific growth goals? How about special advertising programs?

The future look for Bitsmyne will be continuous increase of daily returns for each of our investors. We are heading target of $100 million by the next 100 days.

We try hard to be fair and honest with everything that we publish in the EmilyNews blog.  We see our goal as primarily explaining how investment programs work in a way that is both informative to the investor and fair to the program.  Is there anything that we can do to improve our service to investment program Admins like yourself?

Yes. Daily review posting and social sites promotion.

Can you tell us why you decided to advertise your program on EmilyNews?

We appreciated very much your review on our services that help to attract more investors to us.

Finally, is there anything else that you would like to add? This interview is your chance to say something that you might have overlooked in your website presentation.  Please feel free to add comments or clarification on anything that we might have said in our review of BitSmyne.

Nothing at this time.


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