Many Benefits When Using Telegram Bot.

I’m not an expert on using Telegram ( just a regular user 🙂 ).  So, for this News Commentary, I’m going to simply reprint the information that the folks at CryptoLux (reviewed here) have provided.  My feeling is that, if you’re a user of Telegram, you will like what you read…

Dear CryptoLux members, 

You can connect your profile with our Telegram Bot to have a better and faster overview of your profile!
How to link it step by step:

1. Go to the settings and enter your Telegram username
2. Return to your dashboard -> Click “support” in the Index Tab -> Click “Telegram Bot”.
Or use this link: @CryptoLuxBot
3. Then click on “start”

Your benenfits

+ Get notificated of your rents and profits via Telegram
+ Status of your profile
+ Download whitepaper
+ Participate into Gambling directly in Telegram
+ Marketing information, e.g. team members and much more
+ Direct overview of your balance
+ Deposit via the Telegram Bot


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