Almost $400,000 Invested!

Plenty-Oil (reviewed here) just published a brief news release describing the astonishing progress they have made in only two weeks online.  The first three of the Plenty-Oil investment plans mature in 5, 10, and 15 days.  So, a number of Plenty-Oil investors have had their investment plans complete one or more cycles.  And, they will be “happy campers” as ALL of the Plenty-Oil investment plans are quite lucrative.  Here’s what we said about them in our review of the program in case you’ve forgotten:

The website provides the details on interest rate, term, and minimum and maximum investments for each of the plans and I’ll repeat that information here as well.

Starter Plan
3% daily for 5 days
$10 – $1,000

Easy Plan
3.5% daily for 10 days
$20 – $3,000

Medium Plan
4% daily for 15 days
$30 – $5,000

Professional Plan
5% daily for 25 days
$150 – $50,000

And, here’s the news release that Plenty-Oil just published…

Two weeks of successful work of the Plenty-Oil investment project.

Dear investors!

Our first indicators are the best evidence that the company’s founders chose the right strategy for business development, and the daily work of a cohesive team to implement the business plan leads to its successful implementation.

According to our statistics, nearly 4,000 investors joined our project for the first two weeks.  More than a third of a million dollars were invested and more than $ 100,000 of profit is deducted.

We paid our partners over $ 30,000 on the referral program.

These figures speak for themselves and motivate our employees to make even greater efforts to develop business and increase the income of our investors.

The Plenty-Oil team works so that every your cent will bring you profit!


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