Plenty-Oil to Begin Oil Development Off-Shore in Germany!

Plenty-Oil (reviewed here) claims to be involved with the development of oil fields and, ultimately, production of oil.  Now they are talking about the development of new oil fields in the north German Basin.  This is a very big business for an online HYIP to be involved with.  It’s highly complex and requires interdisciplinary work in many sciences and branches of engineering.  There must also be a massive amount of work implementing such huge projects in a manner that conforms to governmental regulations — including the very stringent environmental controls associated with off-shore oil development.

Apparently, Plenty-Oil has all this under control and the funds raised in this small online venture somehow manage to contribute to their huge undertakings in oil field development.  We wish them continued success with their very ambitious projects.

Here’s the news release from Plenty-Oil related to this.

Make your future here and now with Plenty-Oil! Plenty-Oil Company has signed a new concession agreement for the development of the field and production of oil.

Dear investors!

The team of Plenty-Oil is working hard to consolidate the already achieved success and increase the opportunities for obtaining high profit from our investors. Continuing the dynamic development of the Company, we constantly invest the revenues and attracted investment funds in expanding our business.

We would like to inform you that Plenty-Oil Company has signed a concession agreement for the development of the field and the production of oil in the Hanoverian gulf-like basin in the North German Basin, the most important oil and gas province in Europe.

By investing in Plenty-Oil Company, you can confidently look to the future and count on a steady increase in your revenues.

Make your future here and now with Plenty-Oil!

I’d like to again repeat what we wrote about the Plenty-Oil investment plans in our review of the program.  The bottom line might be that Plenty-Oil offers some very lucrative investment opportunities.  However, the flip side of investment plans such as these is that they are inherently risky.  So, you might say that the Plenty-Oil program is for the adventuresome investor who is interested in quick earnings and is prepared to take a chance in order to get them.

Here’s what we said about the Plenty-Oil investment plans when we summed up our discussion of them.


Concerning profitability, ALL of the Plenty-Oil investment plans are VERY profitable.  Even the Starter Plan paying a daily net interest of “only” 3% is highly profitable.  I like to translate profit into weekly terms and 3% daily net interest comes out to 21% weekly.  That’s a lot!  The Professional Plan paying 5% daily net interest comes out to 35% weekly.  That’s off the chart!!

Unfortunately, the other side of the coin is that programs having investment plans with DNIs in this range might have a hard time surviving in the long term owing to the burden these interest payments place on the program.  In HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs with investment plans having DNIs higher than 2% might be at risk of early closure.  Of course, we hope that this is NOT the case with Plenty-Oil.  Perhaps it will be one of the very few programs that manage to survive in the long term while continuing to pay its investors very high interest rates.

The cautious investor might want to take advantage of the shorter term Plenty-Oil investment plans.  It’s a new program and, even in a worst-case scenario, one would like to think that it could survive long enough for these plans to go through a full cycle.

The investment ranges for the different investment plans overlap.  Let’s compare returns that you would receive making a $200 investment in each of them.  Remember, of course, that your $200 will be returned to you at the end of the plan.  For the Starter Plan it will be 3% of $200 or $6 (.03 x 200).  Doing the same arithmetic for the other plans, you will get:

Starter Plan.  $6
Easy Plan.  $7
Medium Plan.  $8
Professional Plan.  $10

Of course, it would be nicer to receive ten dollars per day rather than six.  The question is, “do you want to risk your investment for 25 days rather than 5?”  The answer, of course, depends on the type of investor that you are…


Plenty-Oil offers four fairly high interest investment plans.  So, there is the potential for higher than average earnings — along with higher than average risk.  The plans DO appear to be well-thought-out and, thankfully, they do NOT offer interest rates that are obscenely high — a sure sign that a program is a very bad risk.  I don’t think that much more than this can be said.


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