Online for Two Weeks.

Bit Contract (reviewed here) has only been online for around two weeks and they already have close to 4,000 members with a claimed total investment of 195 Bitcoin.  Using a conversion of one Bitcoin equals $7,500, that comes to close to 1.5 million dollars!  Amazing!  So, a lot of folks have a lot of faith in Bit Contract!

Here is their news release giving this report and requesting your support of their program.

We are 13th day online

Dear users!

We would like to thank you very much for trusting us.
Our platform has been active for 13 days. During this time, we have accumulated the total sum of deposits in the amount of over 192 BTC, the sum of payments today is over 35 BTC.
The growth of new users and real results make our platform a chance to become a market leader. We want to build this trust with you!

To increase the reach of our platform, remember to:
– post your posts, evidences on forums in monitors and social media.
– you can also record a movie reviewing our program and put it on the YouTube channel
– you can use any other methods to promote our program and earn commissions from referrals.

In terms of security, we have improved:
– confirmation of the change of personal data by means of a code sent to an e-mail
– it is not possible to change the email address after logging in and other data.

If you have time, please give your vote 5 stars to us on the sites:

it does not require registration or login, just click 5 STARS

and the other 26 monitors whose links you can find here:

We are open to any suggestions on your part.

Bit Contract Ltd TEAM

In case you have forgotten what we said about Bit Contract in our review of their program, the bottom line might be that this is an extremely profitable program but that this profitability also makes it a very risky one.  My feeling is that this program will be the type of thing that will appeal to the adventuresome investor who is hoping for quick returns and is willing to take a chance in hopes that this will happen.

Here’s what we said about Bit Contract in the “Conclusions” section of our review.


Bit Contract offers three investment plans.  However, because of the high minimum investments required by the 11% and 13 % plans, it is likely that only the 9% plan will be used.  This is actually good for the program as it will decrease the obligations of the company for making interest payments.  Even though it offers the lowest gross daily interest rate, the 9% investment plan is still extremely profitable.  In fact, it is so profitable that the investor should think carefully before investing in this program as it could be difficult for the company to sustain interest payments in the long term.


If one of the paying programs on our Monitor appeals to you, please support EmilyNews by registering for it on our website. Thanks very very much!


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