Some Amazing Stats from DDFutures!

DDFutures (reviewed here) just published a very nice update describing progress they have made and what their plans are for the future.  I am particularly impressed (amazed!) by their claim that their clients have invested over $196,000,000 with them.  They also indicate that they have paid out around $111,500,000.  That implies that the company has around $84,500,000 in the bank!  If all this is for real, DDFutures is a very very healthy company!

In our review of DDFutures, we expressed skepticism due to the fact that many of the company’s investment plans promise excessively high interest returns.  Also, the minimum investments required for all but one of the plans are extremely high ($5,000 or greater).  Only the first plan on their list really made sense to us.  That plan pays 2.1% interest per day and also returns your investment at the end of the 20-day investment term.  Since your investment is returned, assuming the program survives for the 20 days (having been online for 500 days, they surely have established a track record of survival!), the 2.1% return is pure profit.  This comes out to around 15% profit per week which is very respectable.  I suspect that this plan has been the mainstay of the DDFutures program.  With all that money in the bank, the company must know what they are doing.  Let’s hope they are still around another 500 days from now.  That would be some kind of a record in the HYIP business!

Here is the DDFutures update: – 500 days online! Legends aren’t born. They are made!

We would like to report you that our online investment service is working 500 days.
We are grateful our clients who investing with the help of our company during this period of time.
DDF have reached new highs and at the moment more than 57349 clients trust us and invested more than $196,000,000. We have paid out already nearly $111,515,551 and this is not the limit.

We are moving forward to be the best on the market.

What ate the latest news?

We have started new Facebook page –
Please follow us to be tuned to the company news.
But anyway, please don’t forget about other our mass media, such as telegram channel – and twitter –

As you know, earlier we started our YouTube channel  – and uploaded some promo materials of DDF.
Today, we uploaded a new one which we called “Our terms beneficial because allow your assets to grow” –

Also, earlier we have started our Regional representative program, and already we have wide net of representatives from all over the wold.
If you need any advice and you want to ask independent person, please ask our representatives:

If you trust our company and would like to recommend your friends or partners, you may become our representative:
In the previos uploaded video you may learn more about our referral system and benefits of our representatives:

In our nearest plans – opening of additional branches worldwide, translating our web site and setting up live support on other languages.

Please stay tuned our company news. We hope that you enjoy with our services.

Yours faithfully,
DDFutures Trading Limited


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