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In our “First Thoughts” article about IntelligentInvestment, we introduced the eleven investment plans offered by the company.  Then, in Part 1 of this review, we took a detailed look at the first six of them, Plans A through E.  We found out that, while this group of investment plans is potentially very lucrative, the high interest rates that they pay bring the sustainability of the overall program into question.

In the First Thoughts article, we make brief introductory comments about the remaining six Intelligent InvestmentInvestment plans as follows:

Three investment plans, called the “VIP Plans,” promise extremely high returns — up to 3,000% total gross profit paid after 30 days!  These plans run from five to 30 days long.  However, going along with the high returns is an extremely high minimum investment — $10,000 to be exact!

The third group of three investment plans, called the “Special Plans,” are all very affordable with the minimum investment for all them being the same at only $10.  Like the VIP plans, these plans pay you your earnings — your total gross profit — at their conclusion.  In the case of these three plans, interest can be as high as 1,600% for a 120-day investment period.

What I would like to do in this part of the review is to take a detailed look at these six plans, much like we reviewed Plans A through E in the Part 1 of this review.

Analysis of the IntelligentInvestment “VIP” plans.

Here is the website information on the VIP Plans:

VIP Bronze
1,000% after 5 days
$10,000 – $100,000

VIP Silver
1,500% after 10 days
$10,000 – $100,000

VIP Gold
3,000% after 30 days
$10,000 – $100,000

First of all, as we already pointed out in the First Thoughts article, the minimum investment of $10,000 that is required for these investment plans is much too high for ANY online investment program, unless, of course, the program can provide verifiable information about the company and its investment record.  I doubt if this is the case here.  So, for that reason alone, we cannot recommend investing in these plans.

However, for the sake of completeness, let’s take a look at how profitable these investment plans are.  To keep the numbers simple, I am going to compare daily GROSS interest rather than daily NET interest (DNI) like we usually do.  You will see why in a minute.  The VIP Bronze Plan pays you a flat total gross interest of 1,000% after five days.  If you average this out over the five-day investment period (divide by 5), your daily gross return will be 200%.  Doing the same calculation for the other two plans, your daily gross returns come out to the following:

Plan     Daily Gross Interest

Bronze 200%
Silver   150%
Gold     100%

In words, the Bronze plan promises to pay me TWICE my investment every day.  Of course, I will see none of this until the plan ends.  The Silver plan promises to pay me one and one-half times my investment every day.  And, the Gold plan promises to pay me an amount equal to my investment every day.  These are insanely high returns!

A suspicious thing about these three plans is that the Silver and Gold plans are LESS profitable than the Bronze plan.  Specifically, the Gold plan is only half as profitable.  I hate to say it; but, I can only conclude that this is a trick by the company to entice a person to sign up for the longer-term plans.  Remember that, in these three plans, you do not receive ANY return until the completion of the investment plan.  Just so that this is clear, although the total interest promised by the Silver and Gold plans is greater than the Bronze plan, the length of the Silver and Gold plans is SO MUCH GREATER that, if you average out your earnings on a daily basis, you LOSE by choosing the Silver or Gold plans.  This is a purposefully DECEPTIVE PRESENTATION of the company’s investment plans.

Analysis of the IntelligentInvestment “Special” plans.

Here is the website information on the three Special Plans:

Plan #1
280% after 30 days
$10 – $100,000

Plan #2
600% after 50 days
$10 – $100,000

Plan #3
1,600% after 120 days
$10 – $100,000

Well, there is a refreshing thing about these three plans compared to the previous three; they are affordable.  The minimum investment for all of them is only $10.

However, on the other hand, there is a discouraging thing.  Like the VIP plans, these plans do not pay any interest until their completion.  And, they are not short-term either.  The shortest plan is one month long and the longest is three months long.  That’s a long time in the HYIP world.  Especially nowadays when programs tend to have a very short life span.

OK, with that as an introduction, let’s take a look at the DNI (daily net interest) offered by the plans to see how profitable they are, as well as to get an idea of how they might contribute to (or take away from) the sustainability of the overall program.  Starting with Plan #1, if you subtract 100% from the 280% total gross interest given by the program, you come up with a total net interest of 180%. Then, dividing this by the 30 day length of the plan, you get an equivalent daily net interest (DNI) of 6.0%.  If you do the same arithmetic for the other two plans, you come up with the following results:

Plan     DNI

1          6.0%
2          10.0%
3          12.5%

These are high rates of return.  For example, in Plan #1, 6% per day translates to 42% per week, while in Plan #3, 12.5% per day translates to 87.5% per week.  This is extremely profitable.  However, in HYIP Insights #12, we suggest that programs having investment plans with DNIs higher that 2% will have a poor chance of surviving in the long term.  So, while these plans are very profitable, they also put the overall program at risk of premature closure.


I am sorry to say that the thing that which impressed me most about the VIP investment plans is the fact that they were presented in a way designed to deceive the investor.  The intent of the folks at IntelligentInvestment is clearly to present the Silver and Gold investment plans as being more profitable than the Bronze plan in an effort to get the investor to sign up for the longer term plns.  Unfortunately, the opposite is the case.  This behavior on the part of the administrators of the program brings into question the honesty of the ENTIRE program.  This is on top of the fact that, with the high minimum deposits that these plans offer and the excessively high returns that they promise, it is probable that these plans are simply a fishing expedition by the program admin designed to catch a rich investor.  We discussed this in detail in an article entitled “Obscene Programs” that appeared in HYIP Insights #14.

Although the returns promised by the Special investment plans aren’t as obscene as those promised by the VIP plans, they are still quite high.  Probably so high that the probability for long-term survival of the program is very poor.

In summary, this is a very difficult program to recommend.  The administrator of the program shows definite signs of poor character and the interest rates that are promised are high to obscene.  This program might only appeal to the person who delights in taking high risks even though the chances of receiving any return at all are very very slim.


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