Is Payza Dead?

Very bad news!  It looks like World Mining (reviewed here) cannot access its Payza account.  This means that anyone that has invested in World Mining might lose these Payza funds.  We will keep close watch on this situation and see if there is similar news from other programs.  If many programs report the same problem, the situation is because something is wrong at Payza.  If none report it, then it is a World Mining problem.  Please stand by.

Here is what we received from World Mining.

Payza has blocked the account of World Mining

Hello, dear partners of World Mining! We inform you that the payment system Payza has blocked the payment account of our Company.

At the moment, we cannot conduct regular payments to customers on their Payza wallets. Payza does not answer World Mining’s questions, but simply ignores.
We ask you also to contact Payza, maybe they will answer you.

When we click on the Send Funds button, we get the following error: We’re sorry, Payza is currently not available in the United Kingdom. You may still withdraw your funds.

Screenshots are attached for your reference:

They also disconnected the automatic payment (API) and do not allow to withdraw funds at any other wallets or card.

In this regard, we are forced to terminate cooperation with Payza until they give us an answer to their actions and ask users to send requests to the Payza Support Service. Prior to the unlocking of the World Mining account, we have to freeze the accounts of the users who purchased Hash through the Payza wallet. Unfortunately, we cannot withdraw investors’ funds from Payza either.

In case of the resumption of Payza users may require a compensation. As long as they do not give us an answer of their actions, we encourage users to send requests to Payza Support.

We strictly adhere to our rules and Company policy:

3.1. Technical problems, the solution of which depends on third-party developers are not within the competence of the Company’s Service.

Please send all questions and appeals on the current situation to the Payza electronic payment system.

Official website:

Telegram chats:

Faithfully Yours,
The team of World Mining


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