This program has STOPPED paying! Do not invest there!


In our “First Thoughts” article about IntelligentInvestment, we introduced their investment plans as follows:

The most important thing, of course, for the online investor is the array of investment plans that the program offers.  And, there is quite an array of them.  Eleven plans in all!

Five of them, Plans A through E, pay you a daily return PLUS return your deposit at the end of the investment term.  These plans run in sequence, with the daily returns gradually increasing along with corresponding increases in the minimum investment amount.

Three investment plans, called the “VIP Plans,” promise extremely high returns — up to 3,000% total gross profit paid after 30 days!  These plans run from five to 30 days long.  However, going along with the high returns is an extremely high minimum investment — $10,000 to be exact!

The third group of three investment plans, called the “Special Plans,” are all very affordable with the minimum investment for all them being the same at only $10.  Like the VIP plans, these plans pay you your earnings — your total gross profit — at their conclusion.  In the case of these three plans, interest can be as high as 1,600% for a 120-day investment period.

There is a LOT more to say about the IntelligentInvestment investment plans and we will look into them in great detail when we review the program a few days from now.  Please stay tuned…

Now, let’s take this look at the plans.  We’ll begin with Plans A through E.

Analysis of Plans A through E.

As we indicated in the introduction, these five plans pay daily interest PLUS they return your deposit at the end of the plan.  I emphasize the return of deposit as this makes these plans especially profitable.  Here is the website information on these plans:

Plan A
5% daily for 21 days
$10 – $500

Plan B
5.5% daily for 27 days
$501 – $2,000

Plan C
6% daily for 30 days
$2,001 – $5,000

Plan D
7% daily for 45 days
$5,001 – $10,000

Plan E
9% daily for 51 days
$10,001 – $100,000

Since these investment plans return your deposit at their completion, all of your earnings are profit or net interest.  And, since you are paid daily, this is daily net interest or what we refer to as DNI.

Even the lowest interest investment plan, Plan A, offers a very attractive interest rate.  Five percent profit per day comes to 35% per week!  And, as you move up though the plans, the weekly earnings get much higher until, at Plan E, your weekly profit comes to 63%.  This is truly phenomenal!  The interest rates for these plans are so high that you will break even BEFORE your deposit is returned to you at the end of the plan.  This is unusual for this type of investment plan.  Usually, interest rates would be more modest such that you wouldn’t break even until your deposit is returned.

As you probably recall, you determine the break even point for an investment plan by dividing 100% by the daily interest paid.  For example, for Plan A, you will break even in 20 days (100/5), just one day before the plan ends and your deposit is returned.  All of the other plans offer higher interest rates. So, they will break even sooner.  These plans are also longer.  So, they all will have more days after the break even point where you are earning pure profit.  Longer periods of profit at a higher interest rate is the way to go for a highly profitable investment plan.  Following is a summary table of the DNI and break even point for each of these five investment plans

Plan     DNI      Break Even

A          5.0%    20 days
B          5.5%    19 days
C          6.0%    17 days
D          7.0%    15 days
E          9.0%    12 days

As an example of how lucrative these plans are, consider an investment of $100 in Plan A, the LEAST profitable of the lot.  At 5% per day, you will be earning $5 per day or $35 per week.  Three weeks later, by the end of the program, you will have received three times this or $105 in interest payments.  Then, on top of this, at the end of the plan, your deposit of $100 will be returned.  So, the $105 in interest that you received is pure profit.  All the other plans in this group are, of course, more profitable than this one.  By the way, there is a very nice calculator in the website that enables you to predict earnings/profit for any size investment in any of the investment plans.

Of course, the flip side of the coin is that profitable investment plans such as these are at greater risk of early closure as they place an extreme burden on the company to keep up with interest payment obligations.  In HYIP Insights #12, we discussed the effect of DNI on the survivability of an HYIP.  Specifically, we suggested that programs offering investment plans having DNIs higher than 2% might have trouble surviving in the long term.  Well, ALL of IntelligentInvestment Plans A through E have DNIs that are two or more times this amount!  Of course, this is only our “suggestion” and we always hope that it is wrong when it comes to high interest programs such as this.  But, the IntelligentInvestment program might be putting its long-term survivability in jeopardy by offering such high interest investment plans.

It is important to note that Plans D and E, with minimum investment requirements of $5,000 and $10,000, probably won’t be used at all.  So, the high interest rates of 7% and 9% that these plans promise also won’t be used.  This will lessen the interest payment obligations of the company which might help its longevity a bit.


Plans A through E that are offered by IntelligentInvestment offer high interest rates compared to many other HYIPs of this type.  This, of course, can lead to very high profits for investors in a very short period of time.  The program is truly a HIGH YIELD investment program.  However, along with this high profit potential comes high risk of early closure of the program because of the burden these high interest payments place on the company.  So, this company offers all the benefits and risks of investing in an HYIP in EXAGGERATED form.  Higher earnings than usual along with higher risk.

There is still more to say about the IntelligentInvestment investment plans.  We have not yet discussed their VIP and Special investment plans.  Please stay tuned for Part 2 of this review when we will get into that…


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