Important Updates from BitTank.

BitTank (reviewed here) doesn’t publish news very often.  However, when it does, you can be sure it’s significant — and that BitTank will be brief and to the point.  Many HYIPs will add useless words to a news release just to make it longer.  And so, lest I fall into that trap as well, I’ll say no more…

Here are two very succinct news items from BitTank.

Payeer cashout

After updating our API to new standard we encured a problem processing Payeer instant cashout.

Our team are working on this and hopefully will solve it soon.
Meantime the Payeer will be paid by us manually soon we can reach to it.

Bittank Ltd


Bitcoin mining fee

With immediate effect we have set a mining fee on Bitcoin cash out.

This to ensure your transfer get mined in short time and not stuck on the mempool for days/weeks.
After all, it’s better pay a little fee than get paid and never be able to use them for a long time.

The fee will be adjusted daily and can vary between $3 to $12
As a sample $10 will give you a mining fee on 300 satoshi per byte place your transfer in the top.

Bittank Ltd.


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