Over a Dozen Octoin Conferences Scheduled for Indonesia in January.

Octoin (reviewed here) is going full speed ahead in Indonesia!  They have scheduled over a dozen conferences at different locations throughout Indonesia — all for the month of January.  At this rate, Octoin will surely become a household word in that country.  I have never seen such an aggressive promotion campaign by an HYIP in the past.  I truly hope that this activity by the company represents a commitment by them for a long-term presence in the HYIP investment world.  Let’s hope that’s the case.

Following is a listing of the forthcoming conferences including links that you can follow to get particulars on the event of your choice.

The marathon in Indonesia continues!!! January event schedule in Indonesia

For all participants from Indonesia, we have prepared a series of events that will take place in January 2018. The team of Octoin from Indonesia has done an excellent job and now consolidates its past successes. In December, many meetings and conferences were held, but they are not going to stop. Cool!

Below you can see the list of conferences that will be held in Indonesia in January 2018:

6 January – Octoin Grand Conference 2018 in Shangri-La Hotel
7 January – Octoin in 88 Cafe Medan
7 January – Octoin Conference Semarang – Seminar Digital ASET
9 January – Octoin Education and Training in Palembang
9 January – Octoin Conference Palangkaraya
10 January – Octoin Conference Makassar
13 January – Octoin Marabahan Conference
14 January – Octoin Grand Hall RM Sederhana Indralaya Conference
14 January – Octoin Jogja Conference
21 January – Octoin Palembang Conference
21 January – Octoin Banjarmasin Conference
21 January – Octoin Conference in Madiun
23 January – OCC Seminar Edukasi Cryptocurrency
27 January – Octoin Bogor Conference
28 January – Octoin Kediri Conference
29 January – Octoin Sumatera Conference

We look forward to seeing you!

Octoin – your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrencies!


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