Octoin Becoming More and More Popular in Indonesia.

We just received a news release concerning the ever-increasing popularity of Octoin (reviewed here) in Indonesia.  The release points out the numerous articles, etc. about Octoin and Octoincoin that have been in the Indonesian news.  This may be the first time that I have heard of an HYIP that is in mainstream media.  Perhaps Octoin is more than the typical HYIP that will fade into the sunset in a year or so?  Can this really be possible?  Let’s see what happens…

Here is the release from Octoin.

Everyone talks about Octoin!

Octoin is a new mega star on the cryptocurrency market. In Indonesia everyone talks about this project: investors, finance experts, managers, journalists and even ordinary street market vendors.

Octoin is an international financial organisation which developed the most progressive crypto platform for the transactions of the market of the electronic money. OCC, which is produced by Octoin, became such the popular investment tool that the Indonesian Media started to write about.

There was a large video report recorded by CNN. Also, Tribune News, one of the most popular Indonesian Media, have written about the success of the project as well.

One of the major information channels (Top 10 in Indonesia, as per Alexa’s rating), Merdeka.com have published an analytical review about Octoin’s actions. Octoin is really a perspective instrument for investments. This was a verdict by the experts of this publishment.

As per the opinion of the editors of Merdeka.com, OCC is a profitable and effective investment tool. It is easy to purchase it or to invest in mining of OCC. This way the money is safely stored at the protected electronic wallets. Also, the money is working for you and increasing its amount at the same time.

Another edition who write about Octoin is Kaskus.com. The journalists of this media channel could not simply bypass the phenomenon of Octoin as it created a real popularity boom in Indonesia. More and more Indonesians are investing their money into OCC and are earning profit from it. Also, there are no empty sits at the conferences, which are organized by Indonesian Leaders.

Octoin Team is proud that its activity is receiving so many positive evaluations from Media representatives and investors! Every day we are working so that the cryptocurrencies investments would become even more convenient and effective!

Read about Octoin in top media of Indonesia here:












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