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The BitSequence Investment Plan.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about BitSequence, I noted that a feature of the BitSequence program that appealed to me is its simplicity; everything about it is very easy to understand.  The most important thing about an investment program are the investment plans that it offers and here is an area where BitSequence really excels.  They only offer ONE investment plan and you can describe it in a single sentence!  “For a minimum investment of $10, you will earn 3% interest every calendar day — forever.”  That’s it!

Let’s look a little more closely at this plan now.  First of all, it’s probably understood that your investment is returned to you as part of your earnings.  So, you will break even in around 34 days (divide 100% by the 3% per day to get this).  This is around one month — which is pretty fast

It’s a bit trickier to determine exactly how profitable the plan is.  Remember, that in order to determine profitability, we need two pieces of information: the interest rate that the plan pays plus the length of the plan.  Well, even though we would like to think that the plan is truly perpetual, the reality of the situation is that, like other perpetual investment plans in the past, this one will end as well.  And, obviously, the investment plan will end when BitSequence ultimately closes its doors.  But, will this be one month from now or one year?  Or longer?  Who knows?  So, let’s take a look at how profitable the program will be for a number of different scenarios…

OK, we found out that the program breaks even in a month or so.  Let’s suppose that BitSequence closes its doors in two months, after 60 days.  What is the average daily profit that you will make in this situation?  In this case, for the 60-day period, your total gross profit will be 60 times the gross interest of 3% per day or 180%.  Subtracting 100% from this because this includes your investment, you get a total net profit of 80%.  Averaging this out over the 60-day period, you get a daily net interest or DNI of 1.33% (80/60).  If you repeat this arithmetic for 30 day intervals over a three-year period, you would get the following results:

Days DNI
60 1.33
90 1.89
120 2.17
150 2.33
180 2.44
210 2.52
240 2.58
270 2.63
300 2.67
330 2.70
360 2.72
390 2.74
420 2.76
450 2.78
480 2.79
510 2.80
540 2.81
570 2.82
600 2.83
630 2.84
660 2.85
690 2.86
720 2.86
750 2.87
780 2.87
810 2.88
840 2.88
870 2.89
900 2.89
930 2.89
960 2.90
990 2.90
1020 2.90
1050 2.90
1080 2.91


This is interesting because you can see that, as time goes by, the DNI gradually approaches the gross interest that the investment plan pays.  In fact, after only a year or so (around 360 days), you are already getting pretty close to it with a DNI of 2.72%.   Well, is all this good or bad?  On one hand, a person wants to make as much money as possible from an investment program.  On the other, the higher the interest that a plan pays, the more difficult it will be for the company to continue to make interest payments.  Perpetual plans, such as this one, have an additional handicap in that they must keep paying every investor FOREVER since the plans have no “expiration date.”  In HYIP Insights #12 (that you can read here), we suggested that programs offering investment plans with a DNI over 2% might not be sustainable in the long term.  So, this calls into question the sustainability of the BitSequence program.  However, we must admit that 2% is only our educated guess on this.  It’s quite possible that, with a really smart trading strategy, the folks at BitSequence will do much better than we expect.  And, nothing would make us happier!

Other Features of the BitSequence Program.

At present, BitSequence uses the following payment processors: Advcash, Payeer, PerfectMoney, and Bitcoin.  The minimum deposit is $10.  Deposits from e-currency wallets are instant.  Deposits with Bitcoin must wait on the confirmation process.

The minimum withdrawal is $1 for e-currencies and $100 for Bitcoin (owing to the high transaction costs).  Withdrawals are processed within 12 hours.

BitSequence has an unusual referral program.  First of all, it pays 5% of the deposits of a person’s direct referrals.  On top of this it pays 10% commission on the earnings of a person’s direct referrals.  This is a small amount but commissions on earnings are paid over and over again — in contrast with commissions on deposits which are usually a one-shot thing.  Finally, BitSequence has what is called a Leadership Bonus.  This is a bonus you receive based on the total deposits of all your direct referrals.  For example, if these total deposits reach $1,000, you receive a bonus of $50.  When they reach $2,500, you receive a second bonus of $150.  There are six such steps, the final one being a bonus of $5,000 when the total of your direct referrals’ deposits reaches $50,000.  The last few bonuses will be hard to earn.  However, some of the lesser bonuses are definitely attainable.

Support from BitSequence seems like it should be very good.  As I write this, live chat comes on asking me if I have any questions.  There is also an email support address, not to mention a UK phone number.

To sum all this up, I will again note the attractiveness of the BitSequence program from the point of view of its simplicity.  No effort is made by the admin to cloud over the details of how the program operates (as appears to be the case with many HYIPs).  The interest paid by the program is more than satisfactory.  It might even be a little too high for the program to sustain in the long term.  However, with some really sharp trading and wise management of the program by the admin and his staff, I would say that this program might still turn out to be one of the long-term survivors for 2018.  Indeed, so far, it looks like the program is doing extremely well.  Let’s hope this is an indicator of future long-term success.  So, if the approach of this program is your cup of tea, you might want to seriously consider making an investment with BitSequence.  As always, we advise that you make your investment a part of a diversified portfolio.  And, do your due diligence and never invest more than you can afford to lose.  Good Luck!


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