This program has STOPPED paying! Do not invest there!

Analysis of the Colobit Investment Plans.

In Part 1 of this review, we laid the groundwork for a detailed analysis of the Colobit investment plans.  That’s what we’ll get into now…

In HYIP Insights #12 (that you can read here), we suggested that the DNI (daily net interest) of investment plans offered by an HYIP will have a close relationship to the program’s survivability.  Here is our suggestion:

Less than 1%.  High chance of long term survivability

Greater than 2%.  Low chance of long term survivability

Between 1% and 2%.  Survivability might depend on other factors besides DNI

The first investment plan offered by Colobit has a DNI of 1%; the second plan has a DNI of around 2%; and, the third plan has a DNI of around 3%.  So, based on our suggestions above, if the majority of folks investing with Colobit choose the first investment plan, the program should be able to survive for quite a while.  On the other hand, if the majority invests with the third plan, the survivability of the program would appear to be in question.  If most people invest in the second plan, things could go either way.

Of course, the investment plan with the highest DNI will be the most profitable one.  So, other things being equal, investors will naturally choose that plan.  This would suggest that the majority of investors might choose the third plan.  This is especially the case here as all plans have the same minimum investment; there is nothing to stop a person from taking advantage of the higher-interest third plan.

Of course, it is always important to remember that PROGRAMS close, not investment PLANS.  Everyone sinks or swims together.  So, just because Colobit has one investment plan with a low DNI, this doesn’t guarantee the survivability of the overall program.  As I already indicated, it depends on where the majority of investors put their money — and whether or not Colobit can afford to pay the promised returns.

Now, let’s compare the three programs from the point of view of how long it will take an investor to break even.  The first plan is easy to understand.    Since you don’t get a return till the end of the 15-day investment period, that’s when you will break even.  Likewise, in the third plan, you receive a return of 120% after one month.  So, this is when you will break even for that plan.  The earnings you receive at the ends of the second and third months will be pure profit.  So, that one is easy to understand as well.  For the second plan, we already determined that you will break even in around 28 days.  This is roughly one month — the same as the third plan.  However, since you are receiving earnings every day (every hour!), the amount of your investment that its at risk decreases on a day to day basis.

To tie all this together, Colobit offers three investment plans.  The second is roughly twice as profitable as the first and the third is roughly three times as profitable as the first.  The first plan breaks even in 15 days and the second and third plans both break even in roughly 30 days.  However, in the second plan, the amount of your investment that is at risk decreases on a day to day basis.

I think that’s about all I have go say about the investment plans.  The decision of which, if any, of the plans you choose to invest in is, of course, yours alone to make.

Other Features of the Program.

As you might expect, both deposits and withdrawals with Colobit are by means of Bitcoin.  The minimum deposit and withdrawal are the same — 0.003 BTC.  Assuming that one Bitcoin is worth around $10,000 (it is changing VERY quickly now!), this is equivalent to roughly $30.  This is somewhat higher than the typical HYIP.  But, it shouldn’t be a deterrent for the serious investor.  Deposits and withdrawals are handled instantly by Colobit.  However, there are the inherent delays associated with getting confirmations of the transactions by the Bitcoin system.  For example, it might take 15 minutes or 24 hours before your deposit receives the required six confirmations.  After that “The deposit starts generating profit instantly.”  The same goes for withdrawals.  Although Colobit might process your request instantly, it could be some time before your withdrawal finds its way to your Bitcoin wallet.

Colobit has a decent “Partnership Program.”  According to the website, “In order to take full advantage of the partnership program, you need to make a personal contribution to any investment plan, and leadership bonuses for the Representatives of the Corporation are accrued in accordance with the number of the invited new active clients and the amount of attracted investments.”  So, unlike the affiliate programs of many other HYIPs, it appears that a minimal deposit is required in order to take advantage of the Colobit Partnership Program.  However, no indication of the amount of the “contribution” is given.  There are two divisions to the Partnership Program, the Referral program and the Representative program.  The Referral program pays commissions in the first three levels of an investors downline equal to 12%, 2%, and 1% of the deposit that is made.  For Representatives, the commissions are increased to 15%, 3%, and 1%.  I assume there are additional requirements (as well as benefits) associated with the Representative program.  However, they weren’t readily apparent to me after reading the website.

Support from Colobit should be pretty good.  There is the typical support form as well as an email address.  I suspect that these go to the same place.  A reply is promised within 24 hours.  Let’s hope that it takes a lot less than that.  Most important, there is live chat.  I didn’t take the time to test it.  But, it is there and I’ll assume that it is working.  Live chat is essential and Colobit is to be commended for implementing this feature.

To sum things up, Colobit has added an interesting twist to cryptocurrency trading, a twist that will appeal to investors — such as myself — that have a technical background.  It relies on math rather than trends to determine when to buy and sell.  That appears to me to offer a higher probability of success.  Colobit offers three very different investment plans.  Our analysis of them indicates that they can be quite profitable, perhaps too profitable to be sustainable in the long term.  However, given the unique nature of the Colobit trading procedure, perhaps the company can make this a winning program in spite of the rather large returns it is promising.  So, everything considered, you might want to make an investment with Colobit.  As usual, we advise making your investment part of a diversified portfolio and, furthermore, that you never invest more than you can afford to lose.  Good Luck!


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