This program has STOPPED paying! Do not invest there!


In the way of an introduction, let me repeat what I said in the “First Thoughts” article about Infinite Alliance that we published a few days ago.  Then we’ll get into a detailed analysis of the company’s investment plans.

Involved with Forex trading, Infinite Alliance was incorporated in August 2017 and recently came online to attract investors in an effort to increase the revenues at their disposal to trade with.  The more funds that they have to invest, the greater the potential for increased profit and, of course, higher earnings for both the company and its online investors.

Infinite Alliance offers a total of eight short-term investment plans.  The first five of them have a sliding interest rate that depends on the size of your investment and the last three of them have a fixed interest rate.  All of the plans pay both your interest and return your investment at the conclusion of the plan.  As an example of how the first five plans work, the first plan, which is called the “140% after one-day plan,” is divided into eight sub-plans.  You only earn the 140% interest on the eighth sub-plan and this level requires a very high minimum investment of $20,000.  The minimum investment for the overall plan is $20 and this occurs on the first sub-plan for which you earn 103% interest.  The maximum investment on this sub-plan is $249.  The second sub-plan runs from $250 to $ 499 and pays 104% interest.  Of course, 3% or 4% net interest sound very low compared to the 40% interest that the name of the overall plan implies.  However, these are still very healthy returns and it is even questionable that the program will be able to sustain them for any length of time.  But, let’s hope we are wrong on this!

Analysis of the Investment Plans.

The foregoing introduction just gives you a taste of the investment plans.  Let’s take a more detailed look at them now.  First, let’s look at the “140% after one-day plan.”  Here are the interest rates that the eight sub-plans within the overall plan offer:

Plan 1 $20.00 – $249.00 103.00
Plan 2 $250.00 – $499.00 104.00
Plan 3 $500.00 – $999.00 105.00
Plan 4 $1000.00 – $2499.00 108.00
Plan 5 $2500.00 – $4999.00 112.00
Plan 6 $5000.00 – $9999.00 118.00
Plan 7 $10000.00 – $19999.00 126.00
Plan 8 $20000.00 – $100000.00 140.00

First of all, the interest paid by any of the sub-plans is obviously gross interest.  So, for example, in the first sub-plan, your gross interest is 103% while your net interest is 3%.  Since the plan is only one day long, this is also your daily net interest or DNI.  Remember that in HYIP Insights #12 (that you can read here) we suggested that programs with investment plans having DNIs greater than 2% might have trouble surviving in the long term.  Well, the LOWEST interest sub-level is already over this suggested limit for DNI.  The highest sub-level would have a DNI of 40%!  This, of course, is “off the chart.”

Let’s take a look at the second plan, the “350% after 5 days plan.”  Here is what the eight sub-levels look like for that investment plan:

Plan 1 $10.00 – $249.00 118.00
Plan 2 $250.00 – $499.00 125.00
Plan 3 $500.00 – $999.00 133.00
Plan 4 $1000.00 – $2499.00 152.00
Plan 5 $2500.00 – $4999.00 177.00
Plan 6 $5000.00 – $9999.00 215.00
Plan 7 $10000.00 – $19999.00 265.00
Plan 8 $20000.00 – $100000.00 350.00

Looking at the first sub-plan, the total gross interest that is paid after the conclusion of the plan is 118%.  Subtracting 100% because this includes your initial investment, you have a total net interest of 18%.  Dividing this by the number of days in the program, you get the effective daily net interest, DNI, that the investment plan pays or 3.6% (18/5).  It is easy to see that, as you advance through the sub-plans, the DNI will continue to increase.  If you do the arithmetic, in the eighth sub-plan, it will be all the way up to 50%.  Remember, in the first investment plan, the maximum DNI was 40%.  Now, for the five-day plan, it’s up to 50%.  This is even further off the chart.

Let’s take a look at the third investment plan, the “650% after 9 days plan” — just to confirm a pattern that appears to be taking place here.  Here’s the way the interest earnings look for the eight sub-plans within the overall plan:

Plan 1 $10.00 – $249.00 160.00
Plan 2 $250.00 – $499.00 170.00
Plan 3 $500.00 – $999.00 185.00
Plan 4 $1000.00 – $2499.00 225.00
Plan 5 $2500.00 – $4999.00 270.00
Plan 6 $5000.00 – $9999.00 330.00
Plan 7 $10000.00 – $19999.00 450.00
Plan 8 $20000.00 – $100000.00 650.00

Like before, let’s take a look at what’s happening with the first sub-plan.  The total gross interest is 160% and the total net interest will be 60%.  Dividing this by the nine-day length of the plan, we get a DNI of 6.67% for the first sub-plan.  If you do the arithmetic, you will find that the DNI for the eighth sub-plan is a remarkable 61%.

Just to complete the picture, for the fourth plan, the “1,300% after 16 days plan,” for the first sub-plan you would get a DNI of 13.75% and for the eighth sub-plan you would get a DNI of 75%.

Finally, for the fifth investment plan of this type, you get a DNI of 18% for the first sub-plan and a DNI of 83.3% for the eighth sub-plan.

These investment plans are truly HIGH YIELD INVESTMENT PLANS (HYIPs).  Every sub-level of all of the five plans offers a very high return, so high that it is doubtful that they can be sustainable.  So, the plans are very unrealistic and, very unfortunately, the prognosis for their long-term survival is bleak.  With this in mind, an investor would probably be wise to limit his investments with this company to the shorter-term plans.  In my opinion, the only good thing about these plans is that the minimum investment for all of them is affordable.  So, all adventuresome investors — rich and poor — can take a chance with this amazing investment program.

We’re not done yet, however.  There are still three more investment plans to look at.  Here is the information from the website on them:

VIP 1 – 1200% After 5 days
Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%)
Plan 1 $15000.00 – $100000.00 1200.00
VIP 2 – 2000% After 8 Days
Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%)
Plan 1 $10000.00 – $50000.00 2000.00
VIP 3 – 5000% After 25 Days
Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%)
Plan 1 $1000.00 – $20000.00 5000.00

Let’s take a look at the VIP1 Plan that pays you a flat 1,200% gross interest after five days.  Subtracting 100%, you get a total net interest of 1,100%.  Dividing this by the five day length of the plan, you get a daily net interest or DNI of 220%.  Doing similar arithmetic for the other two VIP plans, you get the following results for DNIs:

VIP1:  220%

VIP2:  237.5%

VIP3:  196%

All of them are in the neighborhood of 200%!  This means that every day you make a net profit of around 200%!  So, an investment of $1,000 will net you roughly $2,000 per day profit for the length of the investment plan.  Amazing!  The catch is that NONE of these profits will be paid to you UNTIL THE END OF THE INVESTMENT PLAN.  Your guess is as good as mine as to whether or not such extraordinary earnings would ever be paid.

I DO have to mention, in all fairness to the folks running this program, that it will go down in HYIP history is it does, indeed, fulfill these payment obligations.  Wouldn’t that be nice?


This is all I will discuss in this brief review.  My main objective was to clearly point out (to WARN readers of Emily News) that the interest rates offered by Infinite Alliance are truly out of sight.  Perhaps “Infinite” IS the right name for the program.  I would suggest that this program is for the adventuresome investor only.  I would further suggest limiting investments to the shorter-term programs, probably five days maximum.  Remember, NONE of the plans pay you a penny of your earnings until the investment plan is over.  Good Luck with investment!


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