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Analysis of the BistInvest Investment Plans.

In Part 1 of this review we took a very thorough look at how the BistInvest investment plans work, covering such items as the length of the different plans in calendar days and the time for an investment in each of the plans to break even.  In this part of the review, we’ll look closely at the profitability of the three BistInvest investment plans.

When we compare investment plans offered by different HYIPs, we like to refer to the effective daily net interest rate (DNI) that they offer.  We discussed this term in detail in the article in HYIP Insights #12 (that you can read here).  As you may recall, DNI is a term that combines the effects of BOTH the gross interest rate offered and the term of the investment plan.

With this as an introduction, let’s determine the DNI for each of the BistInvest Investment plans.  Since all these plans return your investment at their conclusion, all of your earnings during the plans can be regarded as profit or net interest, assuming, of course, that the program survives for the full term of your investment and you get your deposit back.  But, let’s assume this is the case and determine the DNI for each of the plans on that basis.

For the Bist Pre plan, you earn 1% daily for a total of 10 workdays.  This would be a total of 10% (1 x 10) for the investment period.  We already determined that this is equal to 14 calendar days.  So, you can say that the 10% total net interest (profit) was earned in 14 calendar days.  Dividing the 10% total by the 14 calendar day period, we get an effective daily net interest (DNI) of 0.71%.  For the Bist Pro plan, you earn 2% daily for a total of 20 workdays.  This would be a total of 40% (2 x 20) for the investment period.  Dividing the 40% total net interest by 28, the number of calendar days that is equivalent to 20 workdays, you get a DNI of 1.43%.  A similar calculation for the Bist VIP plan would give you a DNI of 2.19%.  Here are these results in summary form:

Bist Pre     DNI = 0.71%
Bist Pro     DNI = 1.43%
Bist VIP     DNI = 2.20%

In the Insights article that I referred to above, it was suggested that a plan having a DNI of less that 1% has a relatively high probability of being a long term survivor, whereas a plan with a DNI of greater than 2% is unlikely to survive.  Plans having DNIs between 1% and 2% could go either way.  However, none of these numbers are cast in concrete.  They are just ROUGH guides to the survivability of an investment plan.  With this as an introduction, and looking at the DNIs for the three BistInvest Investment plans, you can see that the Bist Pre and the Bist Pro plans look like they could be survivors.  The DNI for the Bist VIP plan is a little high and the survivability of that plan is questionable.  However, PLANS don’t close, PROGRAMS do!  If BistInvest should close prematurely, ALL of its investment plans will close, not just the one with a high DNI.  The point is that the Bist VIP plan will impose rather high interest payment obligations on the company whereas the other two plans probably will not.  Fortunately, the minimum investment amount for the Bist VIP plan is fairly high, $3,000.  So, there will probably not be too many investors in this plan.  The result might very well be that the Bist VIP plan will have very little negative effect on the overall survivability of the BistInvest program.  So, BistInvest might be a reasonably safe place to invest some of your hard-earned cash.  The program already has a record of survivability attesting to this idea…

To put dollars and cents on all this, let’s suppose that you are one of the more wealthy investors who decided to take advantage of the Bist VIP investment plan and that you invested the minimum amount of $3,000.  Every working day, you would receive earnings of 3% of this or $90 (.03 x 3,000).  By the end of the investment term — after 30 working days — you would have received a total earnings of $2,700.  This is your profit.  At the end of the plan you would also receive your investment of $3,000 back.  Remember that 30 working days is equivalent to around 41 calendar days (around 1.36 months).  I would call this a medium-term investment plan.  But, it is a fairly lucrative one.  You are making a profit of 3% per working day or 15% per week.  That’s a lot.

Other Features of the Program.

At present, BistInvest accepts the following payment processors: Perfect Money, BitCoin, Payeer, and AdvCash.  Withdrawals are promised in one hour and the minimum withdrawal amount of $1.  No mention is made of time to process deposits.  However, this usually isn’t a concern.

I don’t see very much  information in the website concerning an affiliate program.  However, the home page indicates that “Partners” earn 5% and “Representatives” earn 10%, I assume on deposits of people they refer.  On the Representatives page of the website, there is a very nice listing of all the program Reps.  This is a great convenience to the investor who would like to contact someone that speaks his language as well as to the Rep as it is a free source of referrals for him.  I assume that anyone that enrolls in BistInvest automatically becomes a Partner whether or not he makes an investment (this is usually the case) and that, in order to become a Rep, there is an application and review process.

Support is by means of the standard contact form.  There also appears to be online chat.  However, when I did this review, no one was at the chat desk and all you could do is leave a message.

In closing, BistInvest offers a nice array of investment plans.  The Bist Pre and Bist Pro plans are probably affordable by everyone.  Interest rates are about right — high enough to be very profitable but not so high that the program is probably doomed to a very early closure.  However, as always with any HYIP, do your due diligence before making the decision to invest, develop a diversified investment portfolio, and never invest more than you can afford to lose.  Good Luck!


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