Investment Plans of the Contestants.

These “Battles” are essentially a comparison of the investment plans of the two contestants.  When we reviewed the investment plans offered by BitTank (reviewed here) and Roly Investment (reviewed here), we made a fairly thorough analysis of each of them.  Referring back to these reviews, I’m going to repeat what we found out then and point out a few highlights of the investment plans.  In Part 2 of this “Battle,” we’ll compare the investment plans and try to come up with a winner.

First of all, the investment plans offered by both BitTank and Roly Investment are all one year long.  So, we are comparing apples to apples and what we come up with will be much more useful than if we were comparing investment plans with unequal terms.

For BitTank, your initial deposit is returned to you AS PART OF your earnings.  Here is the summary information we came up with for the BitTank investment plans when we reviewed that program:

Simple Miner
$5 – $349
DNI = 0.68%
Total net interest = 250%
Break even in 105 days

Standard Miner
$350 – $1,949
DNI = 1.17%
Total net interest = 426%
Break even in 70 days

Advance Miner
$1,950 – $36,000
DNI = 1.89%
Total net interest = 688%
Break even in 47 days

In the Roly Investment plans, your initial deposit is returned to you AT THE END OF the investment plan — one year after you begin.  The Roly Investment plans use an interest rate that can vary day by day.  In the analysis we did in the review, we used the AVERAGE of the high and low limits of interest offered.  I’ve added the number of days for each plan to break even to the information we came up with in the review.  You get this by dividing 100% by the mean monthly interest rate to get the number of months to break even.  Then you convert this to days.  For example, in the Standard plan, you find that it would break even in around 4.35 months (100/23).  Multiplying this by 30, the approximate number of days per month, you find that the investment plan will break even in 131 days (4.35 x 30).  Here is the summary information we came up for the investment plans offered by Roly Investment when we reviewed that program (with the addition of the number of days to break even):

0.001 – 0.99 BTC
Monthly yield of 21% – 25%
Mean monthly interest rate = 23%
DNI = 0.77%
Total net interest = 276%
Break even in 131 days

1.0 – 4.9 BTC
Monthly yield of 26% – 29%
Mean monthly interest rate = 27.5%
DNI = 0.92%
Total net interest = 330%
Break even in 110 days

5.0 – 20.0 BTC
Monthly yield of 32% – 35%
Mean monthly interest rate = 33.5%
DNI = 1.12%
Total net interest = 402%
Break even in 90 days

In Part 2 of this “Battle” we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of these investment plans.  Please stand by.


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