Update on “Insurance” from SimbWealth.

Apparently a number of investors have asked the SimbWealth (reviewed here) administration to provide insurance for their investments.  The following update a very nice reply from them indicating that, in a worst case scenario where the company is forced to close for unforeseen reasons, SimbWealth will at least return an investor’s deposit to him.  I don’t think that I have ever seen an HYIP with a working insurance program.  Typically, if an HYIP shuts down, investors lose everything.  So, assuming that SimbWealth can live up to its word, this update is very reassuring.

SimbWealth has been online for around six months now.  The company continues to grow slowly but surely.  Our contacts with the admin give us the picture of a company that is in this for the long haul.  In fact, if you look at our monitor, you will see that Simbwealth recently invested in our largest banner advertising space — another sign that they are planning to be around for quite a while in the future.

Following is the SimbWealth update:

Premium Insurance!

Dear Investors & Followers,

As a wealth management company, we are receiving too many emails regarding to insurance on the funds. What kind of insurance we have on the funds, what is the future of the company, how many days will be paying or online, etc… I would like to clarify this kind of questions.

As a brief explanation of investment term is to take action of investing funds for profit. Our company #1 goal is the make profit from the funds and distribute to investors by share. The only way to make profit is the flow of the funds. Diversification is the key of the element. That is why we are keeping different plans and different departments that handle the funds. We are not a Ponzi scheme or else. We are just an investment company to provide a good solution for people.

There is no any authority or the company to give any insurance of funds. As an insurance of the funds, we are happy to help those who want return their funds back. We are giving 100% guarantee that if the case so bad to shut down the company, announcement will be posted and we will pay back at least the capital that you have invested with us! That means your main capital will be paid back to you.

This is at least we can do for now.

SIMB Wealth Management Ltd.


Roly Investment Weekly Newsletter.

In its weekly newsletter, Roly Investment announces that Google Authenticator is now available for more safety in accessing their website.  They also remind us about the “Sales Challenge” (See News Commentary #162 for more information about this here) that will culminate with a conference in Manchester, England.  Finally, there’s a warning about counterfeit websites imitating the official site.  Beware of them!!

The complete newsletter follows:

Dear Community, investors and partners,

In this weekly Newsletter 02/2017 we would like to introduce a lot of fresh new topics which will definitely change the way you used our website before. It will be more secure and you will get a lot of new stuff for your partners!
– A lot of you out there wrote us E-Mails or via Live Chat to finally embed Google Authenticator for more safety! In the course of the day the implementation will be ready and everyone can start using Google Authenticator. WE RECOMMEND THE USE FOR EVERYONE!
– Maybe you noticed the popup in your personal backend with our multi language challenge videos and multi language advertising banners. You can also see the advertising banners under “Publicity Material” in your Backend and you can see the implementation code for each banner for your website.
IMPORTANT MESSAGE: At the moment, many emails and website are in circulation which are not officially of Roly Investment LTD. Our only official Website Adress is: https://roly-investment.org and our E-Mails just have this E-Mail address: newsletter@roly-investment.org
Please be careful and contact our support team if you discovered a new website or E-Mail.


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