Analysis of the 20% and 800% Investment Plans.

In Part 1 of this review, we took a look at the two “daily” investment plans offered by AltEnergy.  Now, let’s look at the AltEnergy 20% plan which is weekly and the 800% plan that doesn’t pay earnings until the end of the 300 day investment term.  As a refresher, here is the website info for these two plans:

20% per week
$15,001 – $50,000
Term = 10 weeks
Deposit included

800% at end of term
$50,001 – $100,000
300 day term
Deposit included

Let’s start with the 20% per week plan.  The plan runs for 10 weeks.  So, the total gross interest earned over the course of the plan will be 200% (10 x 20).  Since this included your principal, the total net interest would be 100% less than this or 100%.  Ten weeks is 70 days, so the interest is earned over this period.  We can get the effective DAILY net interest, or DNI, by dividing the total net interest by the number of days.  Thus, the DNI for this investment plan is 1.43% (100/70).  You may recall from Part 1 of this review that the DNIs for the two daily interest plans offered by AltEnergy are 0.87% and 1.17%.  So, we might be getting a little too high here to be sustainable.  However, the minimum investment for this plan is a huge $15,000.  I seriously doubt if AltEnergy will have any customers for this plan.  But, who knows?  As I indicated in the discussion of the 1.5% daily plan that had a minimum investment of $5,000, these high minimums might actually be an advantage to the overall program as they will pretty much restrict investment activity to the lowest interest 1.2% daily plan.  This takes the pressure off AltEnergy to pay the higher interest earnings and will thereby increase the potential that the overall program will survive in the long term.

Just for the heck of it, let’s assume that I have lots of money to burn and that I invested $25,000 in this plan.  What could I expect in return?  Well, every week I would earn 20% of this or $5,000 (.2 x 25,000).  You can see that I would break even after five weeks when I would have earned five times this or $25,000 (5 x 5,000).  By the time the plan is over, my gross return would be $50,000 (10 x 5,000).  Subtracting my initial deposit of $25,000, you can see that I would be left with another $25,000 in profit.  This is a 100% profit, just as our calculation in the previous paragraph predicted for us.  So, with this investment plan, you double your money in the 10 week period.

OK, what about the last investment plan, the 800% after 300 days plan?  Before we even start to analyze this plan, alarm bells should be going off in your head.  This is a long term plan and you are NOT getting interest earnings on a daily or weekly basis.  You have to wait the better part of a year — to the END of the investment plan — to get your earnings.  With all due respect to the folks at AltEnergy, very few HYIPs survive this long.  So, if a person is to invest in this plan, he must be VERY confident in the stability of the AltEnergy company.  This is especially the case since the minimum investment for this plan is a mammoth $50,000!

OK, let’s do the numbers for this plan.  Since the 800% is a total gross return, your total net return will be 100% less than this or 700%.  Averaging this out over the 300 day term of the investment plan, we get a DNI of 2.33% (700/300).  This is getting kind of high (Again please refer to HYIP Insights #12 for an explanation of the relationship of DNI to the stability of an HYIP.  You can read it here.).  So, the relatively high interest paid by this investment plan is the carrot that AltEnergy hopes might attract an investor to it.  I personally doubt if anyone will take the bait and sign up for this investment plan.  You might want to refer to HYIP Insights #14 for an article dealing with programs offering excessively high interest returns (and requiring equally high minimum investments).  You can read it here.

As far as a numerical example is concerned for this program, it is very simple.  Just take your investment and multiply it by eight and that’s what you will get back in 300 days.  If you invest the minimum of $50,000, you will get $400,000 back in 300 days.  Almost a half million dollars!  Can this be true?

Other Features of the AltEnergy Investment Program.

AltEnergy uses the most popular payment processors which probably are PerfectMoney, Advcash, Bitcoin, and Payeer.  The minimum deposit (in the 1.2% daily plan) is $25.  The minimum withdrawal is $1.  Withdrawals are processed manually and can take up to 48 hours.

AltEnergy has an innovative referral program that not only pays you commissions on deposits made in the first three levels of your downline, it also pays you commissions on the INCOME made by people you have PERSONALLY PLACED in these first three levels of your downline.  The commissions on deposits are 8%, 3%, and 2%.  The commissions on income are 4%, 1%, and 1%.

AltEnergy also has a Representative program.  If, after submitting an application, you are approved as a Rep, these commissions increase to 11%, 3%, and 2% on deposits made in the first three levels of your downline and to 5%, 2%, and 1% on income of people that you personally placed in the first three levels of your downline.

AltEnergy has two email addresses for support as well as the standard contact form.  There is also Telegram.  Finally, like many other HYIPs, you might be able to find help on the AltEnergy Facebook page.  At this point, there is no live chat which would be a welcome addition.

In closing, AltEnergy offers four investment plans.  Three are long term, running for a full 300 days.  The fourth runs for 70 days.  Three out of the four plans require a minimum investment of $5,000 or more.  This leaves only the 1.2% daily interest investment plan running for 300 days and with a minimum investment of $25 as the plan most suitable for the typical HYIP investor.  Yielding a net profit of around 6% per week, this is a sensible investment plan that AltEnergy should be able to sustain for a considerable length of time.  The fact that the minimum investments for the three higher interest plans will minimize (or prevent) enrollment in them will increase the chances of survivability of the 1.2% plan making it still more attractive.  With all this in mind, you might want to seriously consider adding AltEnergy to your investment portfolio.  As always we advise you to diversify your investments and to always keep in mind that HYIPs are a very risky investment opportunity.  So, never invest more than you can afford to lose.  Good Luck!


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