BitTank Announces Acquisition of Mining Equipment.

BitTank just published a new release indicating that they have just acquired — or at least have acquired access to — additional cryptocurrency mining hardware.  This will permit BitTank to increase its mining output which, in turn, will enable the company to accommodate additional investors.  I suspect that this entails a major financial commitment by BitTank which for the HYIP investor is a sign that the company intends to stay around for a while.  These are the types of clues that we in this business are always looking for.

BitTank also announced that their website is now available in FOUR new translations.  This will greatly increase the number of people that will have access to it.  I note that these translations include Chinese and Russian.  That should do good things for traffic on the BitTank website!  Look for more exciting developments from BitTank…

Following is the entire BitTank news release:

Hi Bitcoin Miner

We just introduced 4 new languages in user Dashboard to meet requirement on none native English speakers so navigation and use of your account will come more easy to all.

You will find the language selector on registration and login page beside in your Dashboard.

The new languages are:

More Mining Power!
More interesting news for most will be that we already reached a stage where we now activate our phase 2 on mining hardware.

Activating phase 2 mean we activate our signed 5 year contract with Equinix M1 Data Center in Miami to increase our total mining power output and allowing many more members to join and earn money mining.

Surprisingly to our self we reached target more than a month before anticipated. But since we already was ahead signing contract already back in July we can now all just enjoy the success BITTANK LTD has become.





Payza Makes BitCoin Easier.

We just received an update indicating that working with Bitcoin in your Pazya account will be a whole lot simpler.  The update follows and contains a link to the Payza blog that has details on how this works.

You can now generate your own Bitcoin Wallet Address and QR Code, right in your Payza account! Our blog has all the details.

Payza Introduces Cryptocurrency Address Manager for Easy Bitcoin Transfers

You don’t need to create a new transaction in your Payza account to add or receive Bitcoin anymore, just generate a Bitcoin address and use it over and over.

Log in to your Payza account and go to the Cryptocurrency Address Manager to get started.

Thank you for choosing Payza,
The Payza Team


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