This is  CLOSED project already! Do not invest there anymore!

Overview of the Program.

It’s been a week or so since we wrote our “First Thoughts” on Chain Group.  I just reread that brief article and it is a good introduction to this program.  So, I’m going to repeat it here…

Emily News just began a “Silver” listing on its monitor for Chain Group Escrow Service.  The company has been on line since December, 2016.  Chain Group is very unusual in that it is NOT registered in any country.  In fact, the website says that: “Chain Group Escrow Service is not a legal entity registered in a country in the world. The Service does not have an office, bank accounts, does not pass the audit and verification. Therefore, the only guarantee of good faith of the Service is the Service itself.”  This does not necessarily imply that it is a bad place to invest your money.  Other HYIPs usually go to great pains to impress a potential investor with their legitimacy as a real company and with the fact that they are a legally registered corporation (usually in the UK or in Hong Kong).  However, as we all know, this does not prevent them from providing false information on their websites.  And, we all know the survival record of the typical HYIP.  So, the fact that Chain Group isn’t a registered company may not really matter.  However, if registration is important to you, you should be aware of this.

Chain Group is involved with Cryptocurrency trading — but with a unique twist.  They don’t do the trading themselves.  Rather, the company serves as the host for a number of “Exchange Trade Groups” that are the traders.  They are the HYIPs.  So, you might say that Chain Group is like a shopping mall dedicated to cryptocurrency trading and within that mall are a number of offices that you can go to in order to invest your funds.  Each office or Trade Group has its own unique investment plan.  However, there are a few guidelines that these groups have to abide by such as the daily interest rate of their investment plan must be at least 0.1% and can’t be more than 10% (that’s a LOT or variation!).  In a way, Chain Group is equivalent to the typical HYIP that offers a number of different investment plans.  But, here it is independent companies that are offering them.

It is also possible to invest in the Chain Group company itself.  Whereas, most, if not all, of the Trade Group companies pay a variable return, Chain Group pays a fixed daily return of 0.2%.  The length of the plan is 500 days and your principal is returned at the end of the plan.  If you do the arithmetic, this amounts to doubling your money in 500 days.

There is an excellent video introduction to how the Chain Group “Exchange Trade Groups” work on the website home page.  All potential investors should look at it — a few times.  However, the best way to fully understand the workings of this very unique program is to take a look at some of the Trade Groups listed on the “Stats and Trade Groups list” page of the website.  For each of the Trade Groups, as well as for the Chain Group’s own investment program, there is a detailed and very professional presentation.  All the information that is given follows a certain format which is the same for all of the Trade Group listings.  So, it is possible to compare and contrast the offerings of the various investment programs.  These presentations are very clear and understandable, something that is not always the case in the HYIP world.  Furthermore, the use of the English language is excellent.  It is clear that a lot of time and effort has been devoted to fine-tuning this program as well as its online presentation.

An interesting feature of Chain Group is that one of the Trade Group investment programs can fail without destroying the entire Chain Group program.  Also, if this should happen, investors will be at least partially compensated by the “Stabilization Fund” that each Trade Group has.  I believe that this fund is generated by each Trade Group taking a 0.5% commission from investor earnings.  So, Chain Group is in a unique situation wherein, one of its programs can fail but the mother program will continue.  Hopefully, Chain Group’s own investment program that offers only 0.2% interest per day is unlikely to cause the mother program to fail.

All of this is a hopeful sign that Chain Group will be around for a long time to come.

How the Program Works.

Right now, there are five Trade Groups in addition to Chain Group that offer investment plans.  This number can change if a new program comes along or if one of the existing programs closes.

To get a feel how the Chain Group system works, let’s take a close look at the information presented for “Dragon Foundation,” the first program in the Trade Groups that are presently listed.  We’ll do this by repeating all the information given for the program and then commenting on it as might be necessary to clarify things.

General Information
Number of days service listed: 62
Number of investors: 973 (and changing very quickly)
Amount of Stabilization Fund: $70,000

Interest Information
For today: 3.08%
For seven days: 19.30%
For 30 days: 93.65%
All over: 212.78%

Investment offer
Minimum: $10
Maximum: $500,000
Deposit term: 180 days
Daily profit: Variable, 0.1-6%
Compounding: Is impossible
Early withdrawal: Is impossible
Principal refund: No (included in profit)

If you click on the title, “Dragon Investment,” you are taken to an “About” page for the program.  This page presents information about key personnel in the company and their job functions as well as Dragon Investment’s approach to cryptocurrency trading.  You might say that this page is a presentation of the company’s “Legend” (See HYIP Insights #6 for an explanation of this term here).

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this review where we will make a detailed analysis of this investment plan.


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