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We introduced SecureCapitals a few days ago with our “First Thoughts” overview of the program (that you can read here).  At that time we promised you detailed information on the SecureCapitals investment plans.  So, let’s get right into that now…

As we indicated in the “First Thoughts” introduction, SecureCapitals has a total of seven investment plans.  The first one is the only one of its kind.  The next four really make up a single plan with a sliding interest rate depending on the size of your investment.  And, the last two are in another group that is different from the other plans.  But, first things first.  Let’s begin with the first plan, the “Luxury” plan.  The terms are simple.  It pays you 5% per day for 25 business days (slightly more than a month).  This gives you a total gross return of 125% (5 x 25) over the course of the plan.  Subtracting 100% because your investment is returned to you as part of your earnings, you get a net return (or profit) of 25%.  This averages out to 1% (25%/25 days) daily net interest (DNI).  A DNI of 1% is conservative and suggests that SecureCapitals might have the potential to be a long term survivor.  The acceptable range of deposits is from $10 to $2,000.  As an example, if I invested $1,000 in the this plan, I would receive $50 (.05 x 1,000) per day for 25 days for a total gross return of $1,250 (50 x 25).  Subtracting my deposit of $1,000, I get a net profit of $250.  You would break even in 20 (1,000/50) business days — almost one month.

Let’s group the next four 90 business day plans together as I suggest in the following listing:

Ninety Business Day Plan

Interest                                Deposit Range

2.5%                      $20 – $ 2,499
3%                          $2,500 – $9,999
4%                          $10,000 – $34,999
6%                          $35,000 – $100,000

As I already indicated above, the more you invest, the higher the interest you will be paid.  Unfortunately, I am sorry to again see the extremely high interest rates of the third and fourth subdivisions of this plan along with the unrealistic ranges of deposits.  We recently published an HYIP Insights article on what we called “Obscene Programs.”  The wording is kind of strong.  However, it refers to unrealistic investment plans such as these.  You can read the article here.  However, the first and, possibly, the second of these subdivisions are realistic possibilities for the typical online investor.

Let’s study the first of the first subdivision plan more closely.  Over the 90 day period, you would receive total gross earnings of 225% (2.5 x 90).  Subtracting 100% from this because your deposit is included in your earnings, you get total net earnings of 125%.  Finally, averaging this out over the 90 day period, you get a DNI of 1.39% (125/90).  So, this plan is 0.39% more profitable than the first plan — the Luxury plan.  The disadvantage is that your investment is tied up for a long time — 90 business days — around four months.  You could make similar calculations for the other three subdivision plans and would come up with the following results: 1.89%, 2.89%, and 4.89%.  The last two DNIs are characteristic of investment plans that probably won’t survive in the long term.  Fortunately, the minimum investment for these two plans is so high that the plans probably will never be used.  Getting back to the first of these subdivision plans, if you invest $1,000 in it, you will receive $25 (0.025 x 1,000) per day for 90 business days.  Your total gross return will be $2,250 (25 x 90) and, subtracting your initial investment of $1,000, your total net profit will be $1,250.  You will break even after 40 (1,000/25) business days — close to two months.

Which of the two plans we have discussed so far is the best?  Theoretically, as I already indicated, this second plan is the winner because it has the higher DNI of 1.39% — compared to 1.00% for the first plan.  However, many investors will also want to compare the risk involved with the two programs.  The first program is only 25 calendar days long (a little over a month) while the second is 90 calendar days long (around four months).  The cautious investor might be nervous about investing in the second plan and waiting two months to break even — and the entire four months to obtain the full interest earnings.  He might prefer the first plan that breaks even in 20 business days (just under a month) and matures in 25 business days (just over a month).  He might even want to invest in this plan a second time.  However, the more adventuresome investor might want to take the risk of tying up his funds for the entire 90 business day period in order to earn the higher interest of the second plan.

For the bigger spenders, there is, of course, the opportunity for much greater interest in the second, third, and fourth subdivisions of the second investment plan.  In these cases, in addition to the risk of tying your funds up for 90 business days, you have to invest a significantly larger sum.  So, you will have more money at risk too.  The calculation of earnings, etc. for these plans is just the same as we did for the first subdivision.

Finally, we come to the last two investment plans offered by SecureCapitals.  These plans do not give you any earnings until they are finished.  Your investment is included in this return.  It is important to note that both these plans are based on CALENDAR days rather than business days (which all the other SecureCapitals investment plans use).  This helps shorten the nail biting period a bit.  These plans are referred to as the VIP 1 and VIP 2 plans.  Here is a summary of the pertinent data for both the plans:

VIP 1.  600% after 60 days
$1,000 – $5,000
600% gross return (500% net return)

VIP 2.  900% after 90 days
$500 – $2,500
900% gross return (800% net return)

For starters, let’s take a look at the DNI for each of these investment plans.  They are a typical example where the relative profitability of the plans is obscured because you have two variables to sort through — interest rate and term of investment.  Remember that DNI sorts through this by determining the average profit you make on a daily basis; the effects of the two variables are combined into a single term.  OK, to get the DNI for the VIP 1 plan, we divide the total net earnings by the number of days in the plan to get 8.33% (500/60).  Similarly, for the VIP 2 plan we get 8.89% (800/90).  So, the VIP 2 plan is a LITTLE more profitable than the VIP 1 plan.  Most important is that the DNI for BOTH plans is very very high.  In a calendar week the VIP 1 plan will earn you around 58% (7 x 8.33) net interest and the VIP 2 plan will earn you around 62% (7 x 8.89) net interest.  In a previous HYIP Insights article (that you can read here), we suggested that a DNI of greater than 2% might be hard for a company to sustain.  Nothing is impossible.  However, these rates so high, they are scary.  If I had to choose one of the two plans, I would probably opt for the VIP 1 plan because it has a one month shorter term and that much less risk.

To put some numbers on this, let’s put our $1,000 in the VIP 1 plan.  It pays you a gross return of 600% after 60 days or $6,000.  $5,000 of this is profit!  Not a bad return for two months.  Is it possible?

Presently SecureCapitals uses PerfectMoney, Payeer and BitCoin. They plan to add AdvCash in the near future.  Deposits are instant with the exception of Bitcoin where you have to wait for five confirmations of the transaction.  Withdrawals are manual and can take up to 24 hours.

SecureCapitals has a fairly good referral program that pays on three levels as follows:

1st Level 5%
2nd Level 2%
3rd Level 1%

SecureCapitals also has a Representative program that increases the commission amounts to the following:

1st Level 8%
2nd Level 2%
3rd Level 1%

There are some additional requirements in order to become a Rep and they are listed in the website.

Right now support is limited to email and the standard contact form.  The FAQ on the website promises phone support in the not-too-distant future.

In summary, SecureCapitals offers a good variety of investment plans.  There is something to suit almost every HYIP investor.  There is a short term program with a very modest interest rate that I suspect will be the most popular program.  Then there is a long term program with a sliding scale for interest rate depending on the size of your investment.  Finally, there are two medium to long term high yield programs.  Perhaps you might like to add one of these plans to your investment portfolio.  As always, we advise diversification by investing in a number of different programs and, of course, always remember that the HYIP business is high risk.  So, never invest more than you can afford to lose.  Good Luck!


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